Does Apple cider vinegar actually kill the fleas or deter only?

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Wash all of your and your pet's belongings in  to kill fleas and flea eggs.

I discovered two leaping fleas last week, and my husband had gotten several bites. I applied DE 5 days ago and have had no issues so far. Does DE kill all stages of flea life cycle? If not, when do I need to retreat?

Elaine does it also kill fleas? thxs so much for that info!!

WILL PLACING ORDINARY SALT ON YARDS KILL FLEAS WITH OUT HARMING YARD/GRASS/PLANTS? The below is what I use on my dogs. We have 20 dogs, due to having deer hunting dogs, rabbit hunting dogs and rescued dogs because we live in the country. This information came from the MS Dept. of Wildlife, Parks and Fisheries Hunting Dog Forum. I used it last year and this year when some of our beagles came home with fleas and it works. After killing the infestation and then re-applying for a couple of months, I didn't continue using it because they are all penned and the fleas were gone.

I can’t kill these ninja fleas. I have done the following:

Wood ash.. sprinkle a lot all over your carpet it’s going to look like a dirt exploded but it’s worth it leave it on for 7 days and then 14 more days to ensure that you kill the eggs… I also used ..salt…. ever wonder why dogs roll in the dirt… they can take a dirt bath I spread ash all over my cat and I’ll explain how it kills fleas.. ash under a microscope looks like tiny shards of glass fleas have exoskeletons it gets in the plates and slices them up and they bleed out…. now I just sprinkle my rugs and carpets and give my cat an ash bath at least once every two weeks… we are flea free hooray

HELP !! There is no killing these ninja fleas

I was hoping that the vinegar would kill the fleas upon direct contact. But if that were the case, the flea product industry would be out of business! We'd all just get a bottle of vinegar at the local supermarket and our troubles would be over!Have you ever been told that vinegar kills fleas? Well, fleas do hate vinegar. So much so that it makes a handy homemade flea spray. A pet who has been soaked or doused in a vinegar mixture will not be nearly as tasty to fleas. Here is how to make it:Vinegar is very acidic and sour, and fleas just hate it. So mostly it just repels them. The theory is that a flea would starve before it would go near a pet who smells like vinegar. So this is how vinegar kills fleas.Just like any product or method, there are folks who swear by homemade flea killers and those who report that it didn't work for them. When I tried it, I found a little of both to be true - it definitely effective. The fleas were much easier to remove in the bath and/or with a flea comb when the fur was drenched in these concoctions.