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Bannister Mall closed in 2007 and was torn down in 2009. Once a sprawling mall of one million square feet in south Kansas City, the site sat empty for years. Then in 2014, crews broke ground on a

The Blue Ridge Mall "was" located on Blue Ridge Blvd. and right next to I-70 inKansas City, MO.

The car left the scene and was later spotted at the mall, the Ward Parkway Center in southern Kansas City. The police said the man shot four people in the parking lot, two fatally, then went inside.

The Abandoned Mall In Kansas City Is Completely Eerie

In recent years, several other long dilapidated Kansas City malls have started to come down. Weeks before demolition, crews went in to the Metro North Mall in Kansas City and found either the next setting for a zombie apocalypse or this is the CREEPIEST MALL EVER!

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My name is Michael Williams I'm originally from Kansas city, Kansas I love the landing mall, but I moved to Seattle Washington in 94 and I'm still out here, my question to you Guy's is can you order any merchandise online because you can't hardly get any k c gear please sell online.

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Here is a list of antique malls and stores in the Kansas City area. If you're wanting to view additional information about a particular mall, click the "More Details" button. Our Kansas City outlet mall guide has all the outlet malls in and around Kansas City, helping you discover the most convenient outlet shopping based on your location and travel plans.Blue Ridge Mall is located in Kansas City Missouri. It was oneof the first malls built in the Kansas City. Built in 1958, withanchors The Jones Store, Jc penney, Newberry's, Harzfeld's, Montgomery Ward, and Woolworth's, Blue Ridge was one of top malls at the time it opened, and experienced changes such as being enclosed in the 1970's and when JCPenney built another store at the end of the Mall the space where JCPenney was became more stores. This mall included such stores as Lerner, Hickory Farm, Aladdin's castle, Foot Locker, Waldenbooks, and The Gap. In the early 70's Newberry's and Harzfeld's closed. The Newberry's was converted into the food court while Harzfeld's stood empty til this day. The mall thrived throughout the 70s and 80s. As a child I remember the McDonald's that was in the mall always being crowded, and going to Kay Bee toys.Convenience, accessibility, and selection are the hallmarks of shopping throughout Kansas City, whether you hit a suburban mall or stroll through a cozy, long-established retail neighborhood. Park your car and head inside or exercise your legs across multiple urban blocks. You'll find the latest fashions from nationally known name brands, to funky style at one-of-a-kind boutiques. Shopping with the kids? They'll love choosing new art supplies or helping you create a handcrafted Teddy bear. You can buy natural cosmetics or a wide variety of accessories to top-of-the-line athletic wear and the latest in tech equipment. Then grab a snack at a food court or a locally owned restaurant. Enjoy old-school ambiance in the , a weekend festival atmosphere amid vendor booths and shops, and recently renovated surroundings inside or Independence Center. And there's no better place to shop 'til you drop, while catching a beautiful glimpse of Kansas City history, than at the .