8 Shampoos That'll Leave Your Hair Smelling Insanely Good

This was the first solid shampoo bar I tried, and it remained my favourite for a long time. Until Honey I washed my hair came along, that is, and blew every competition away. This is still a really, really good shampoo though. I have constantly dry hair, and I have to use shampoo and conditioners specifically targeted for dry hair, and still slather my hair in oil after the shower and then a few times between washes. This shampoo certainly has a conditioning effect, although I still need to use conditioner, obviously. If you don't have dry hair like me, you may actually get away with using only this, though, which I think is a awesome. It has a quite strong floral (jasmine specifically) scent, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. I remember the first few times I used this, when I was new to not only this product but Lush products overall. And I was a bit overwhelmed with how much the scent lingered in my hair. As with a lot of things, I stopped noticing that after a while though. And if I do still smell a lot like jasmine, I don't particularly mind, as I find it a pretty nice and seductive scent anyway.

This'll last you SO long as well. I have thick and long hair, and I think that I get almost as many washes out of it as Lush claims, which is around 80 or so. If you have shorter and/or not very thick hair, it wouldn't surprise me if it would last you even longer. Considering that, Lush's solid shampoo bars is one of the best value products in their whole product line! You can also buy this with a good conscience - it's cruelty free, vegan and naked (no plastic packaging, or any packaging at all actually).

The little tins they sell for these are handy, but obviously not a must. You can use any old container you have at home. The tin does make it extremely travel friendly though, as it doesn't take up much more space than the actual bar does. Do make sure to let the bar dry "standing up" on its side before putting it properly in the tin though, as it'll get stuck to the bottom otherwise.

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Lulu Organics’ dry shampoo provides a one-two punch: cleansing power plus delightful scent (it comes in jasmine and lavender and clary sage varieties). The organic formula is made with superfine cornstarch, rice powder, and white clay that disappear into even dark brown or black hair.

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Use this exotic cologne after bathing your pet with Natural Scents Pink Jasmine Shampoo. I bought this without trying it first because I wanted a jasmine scented shampoo. The shampoo smells more like the plant than the flower. It's not a bad smell though not the scent i was looking for.

It works alright as a shampoo, I still use conditioner after using it as a shampoo.

Hair Food Hair Milk Shampoo Infused with Jasmine & Vanilla Fragrance

I can't say much about the Proteine di Jasmine "restyling aid"; I didn't really need a protein & silicone styling spray and I've only used it twice. I guess it is fine for its purpose, and the scent is about the same as the shampoo and conditioner. If you don't mind tons of silicone, there is also an Olio di Jasmine Hair Serum that gets .

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