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At All Vet Supply, we want your facility and animals to have the best artificial insemination process necessary so we carry both collection and injection devices designed to streamline the process while minimizing the trauma to the animal.

Below you will find our supply kits for helping you to complete vaginal artificial inseminations.

Herd fertility is essential to the success of any animal breeding enterprise. Insemination Technics and Supplies International Inc. (ITSI) provides the international swine, bovine, equine, canine, goat and poultry industries with the newest artificial insemination (AI) technology and makes this technology available to the entire farm community at competitive prices. Ensure the success of your breeding program and ensure superior sire genetics with artificial insemination.

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Records 1 - 48 of 83 - Reproduction Resources restoration parts - Insemination_Supplies. The self-insemination kit you buy should come with detailed instructions on how to use it. First you need a fresh or a thawed sperm sample. If you are working with a partner at home, he should provide you with a fresh sample just before you perform the ICI. If you received a donation from a sperm bank it will likely be frozen. Let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes to thaw. Your next step should be to wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize any of the supplies if they are not already.

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Breeding livestock can be difficult, but with the right tools, the odds of success greatly increase. Choose All Vet Supply for superior brand name insemination products you can trust.

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Joinwith thousands of reproduction professionals world-wide by trustingAgtech to be your embryo transfer and artificial insemination supplyand product knowledge source. My partner of 4 years and I are planning to inseminate using a know donor's fresh sperm at my next ovulation. We're not doing IUI or ICI, just plan to squirt the semen near my cervix with my hips elevated & then have an orgasm. So far we have a keeper (menstrual cup) to keep the swimmers in once they're inserted. I plan to get a specimen cup and needleless syringes. I have questions about other supplies.• Have your supplies ready before you begin insemination, this includes a specimen sample cup, and a 5ml syringe for the actual insemination, as well as tools to track your fertility before the event such as ovulation strips and a basal thermometer.All Veterinary Supply provides more than flea remover and pet-friendly shampoo. We offer serious tools for farmers, veterinarians and breeders. Use our bovine artificial insemination kit to effectively control your cattle’s breeding patterns. This tool is useful if your cattle’s mating has yet to result in pregnancy, or if you are simply looking for a way to control the number of calves born.