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If you've purchased the best quality rabbits you can affordbut they aren't winning on the show table, getting the opinions of severalrabbit judges (by entering shows) will help you identify where the weaknessesare in your rabbits. You can then selectively breed to strengthen the weakpoints. You can also befriend a top quality breeder of your chosen breed, getpointers and info on rabbits from this breeder, and ultimately, when you canafford to, purchase a rabbit from this breeder that is strong in the qualitiesyour rabbits need. This will speed your progress tremendously.

Q: Snore: "Is it normal for dwarf rabbits tosnore while they sleep?"Answer: No, snoring is not normal at all. Withoutknowing the situation, I’m guessing that your bunny might be quite sick with , or worse, pneumonia. If so, you might want to take it (soon) to a rabbit-savvyvet.

Q: Teeth: "Can you breed off a rabbit with geneticsin its teeth?"Answer: Let’s think this out: Bad rabbit teeth (buck teeth, ormalocclusion) can be caused by pulling the teeth on cagewire. But more frequently (and since the question specified 'genetics'), badrabbit teeth is a complicated, recessive genetic trait according to our geneticinfo on rabbits. Therefore, it takes two rabbits - a sire and a dam, both ofwhich carry at least one bad-tooth gene, to make a rabbit that has bad rabbitteeth. Which means that if you breed a buck-toothed rabbit, EVERY ONE OF ITSBABIES will get at least one bad-tooth gene. And if the mate has a recessivebad-tooth gene, then half the babies will have bad teeth. Is that what you wantfor your bunnies?Learn about the mechanism behind inheriting recessiveproblems at .I’d be sorry to hear that someone would purposefully breed arabbit with buck teeth. To pass on malocclusion (buck teeth) to baby bunnies isreally a bit of a heartless thing to do. Better to enjoy it as a pet, and locate a completely healthy rabbit touse for breeding.(Honest and reputable rabbit breeders putrabbits with bad teeth out of circulation, and don't sell them to anyone.)

Q: "Why does my pet rabbit scratch at thecorners of her cage?"Answer: Rabbits like to dig. It might be trying todig a burrow. Not to worry, once it learns that the wire is too strong, it’llchill out. BUT: if your rabbit is a female, scratching could be a bigclue to a pregnancy. Discover all 5 big clues at . Find even more answers and info on rabbits, bunnies and pregnantrabbits at .

Find even more answers and info on rabbits, bunnies and pregnantrabbits at .

Pet rabbits are different from cats and dogs. It’s essential to understand how rabbits think so you and your rabbit can live a happy life together. Learn about their unique language at and demystify unfavorable rabbit behavior by reading . By catering to your rabbit’s natural inclinations, you can build a trusting, loving relationship with your bunny. See for more information.

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So, if you are considering getting a rabbit this Easter, educate yourself as thoroughly as possible about rabbit care by talking to rabbit-savvy veterinarians and bunny breeders, and read as much current information about rabbits as you can before bringing one into your home. After you’ve educated yourself, if you feel you can be a responsible bunny owner, then go for it. If not, maybe just enjoy a chocolate one.

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