Saw this at the store and brought home a bag to try.

I changed dog food from Iams in red bag lamb and rice to Iams weight control blue bag. That very night, my dog was vomiting nonstop. Also, she had diarrhea with blood in her stool coming out like water. We had to rush her into emergency to have her rehydrated. She had to be put on several different medications as well, including anti-nausea. The doctor said it could have been a change in her dog food, which was purchased at Walmart. After blood tests, stool tests and x-rays, we still had a very sick dog for 7 days and a vet bill close to $800.00. Lesson is, don't switch dog food and buy premium product at premium stores. I am saving the bag just in case you want to contact me; also the remainder of the food. Both of my other dogs threw up that night as well, but they barely ate any of their food. My two other dogs are finicky eaters the one who got severely sick is a 6-year-old, stocky, healthy lab.

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I purchased a bag of Iams the other evening as temporary feed, because I ran out of his regular feed and my local pet store was closed. I chose Iams because I assumed it was the lesser of the evil compared to the other store brands available. Two days after feeding him this dog food, he began simply vomiting the food up, and nothing else. As the day progressed, he began throwing up a dark brown substance, which after researching, I came to find out was digested blood. While researching, I came across this site where other people were experiencing their dogs getting sick from Iams feed. Finally, he ended up throwing up plain blood and I took him to the local emergency veterinary clinic. While I cannot fathom a dog throwing up blood from simply switching his dog food, the veterinary doctor assured me that it was likely caused by the switch to the lesser quality food. I have fed my dog Purina feed before when I ran out of his brand without any issues. This is why I am drawn to the conclusion that this feed is very inedible, and should not be allowed for sale.

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Hello,These are not the ingredients on my bag of Iams ProHealth mini chunks. Have you checked recently?Donna Iams in the red bag is lamb & rice. One of ours doesn't care for Iams but has stomach issues without it so I mix it with another food and it works for her.

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We just finished our bag of Iams dog food and a $5.00 off for taking a survey was at the bottom of the bag. Go to print the coupon and it has expired. Just bought the 30 pound bag of food less than 3 weeks ago for our two dogs, you would think it would still be good!!! Maybe I should have checked for an expiration date on the bag of food!

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