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I disagree with some of the warnings against fork mounted cages. I never experienced any unbalance due to one side being heavier than the other (though I usually drank from both bottles rather than emptying one at a time). the automotive radiator hose grips the fork really well -- similar to the MTB rubber handle bar grips that need plenty of coaxing and soapy water to remove. Reaching down for a bottle was neither awkward nor dangerous. I felt confident that I wasn't unduly stressing the fork. I think the radiator hose distributes the pressure of the clamps over a large enough area. It's hard to think of a carbon fork as "overbuilt" when you pick one up by itself and feel how light it is, but the fact is they need to hold up under some pretty severe stresses in just normal riding conditions so they are really quite tough.

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So you just purchase a water bottle Cage for your Bike but you don't know how to install it?
Well it's pretty simple and i'm sure you can do it by your self.
I'll show you how to do it.

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So you just purchase a water bottle Cage for your Bike but you don't know how to install it We both find the plus work perfectly. The adjustable strap on the means that it can fit almost any electric bike. You can swivel the bottle to a comfortable position so that you don’t bump it with your knees, or knock it when you dismount. The whole system is very simple and installs in seconds, and you can take it off just as quickly. Once on, it’s totally secure. It’s really a very clever, elegant, and cheap solution to the problem of how to carry a water bottle on your electric bike. You do have to buy three parts – adaptor, bottle cage and bottle – but seeing as the total cost is about $25, it’s really a cheap solution.

How to Install New Water Bottle Cage on CF Frame

A water bottle cage can often be installed on a bicycle with only an Allen wrench, which can be found at any hardware store. Discover how to save money installing a water bottle cage onto a bike with help from a former BMX and collegiate racer in this free video on bicycle repair.

Expert: David Lyell
Bio: David Lyell is a former BMX and collegiate racer, mountain biking maniac and touring enthusiast.

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