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If you bring an older cat home, all you usually have to do is put the cat in the litter pan once to show it where it is. After that, the training session is over. Kittens, on the other hand, might not always remember where the pan is located. So for the first few days, keep the kitten contained in one or two rooms in close proximity to the litter box. It won't take long for it to find the litter box even when it has free run of your home. But remember, never move the litter pan to another location too quickly or your kitten might continue to use the old spot whether the pan is there or not.

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Luckily for pet owners, it’s a kitten’s mom who does the important work of litter training her . Kittens begin to model their own elimination habits on their mother’s litter box behavior from around two or three weeks of age, Foote said. However, kittens that have been raised without a mother to learn from may require help figuring out the litter box.

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Learn how to quickly and effectively train you kitten to use the litter box We have two darling kittens that are 5-weeks-old. How and when do I start training them to use the litter box? So far mom has taken care of that department. LuLu

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Chances are your new kitten will already know how to use the litter box, but you want to make sure she’ll continue to use the litter once you bring her home. Litter box training can be a snap if you think about a few things ahead of time and gather some of these items first:

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Young kittens often learn how to use a litter box by watching and copying their mothers, so your kitten may already be trained -- or almost -- by the time you bring her home. If she has not been trained or has been used to a different type of litter, you'll have to start a simple training program. Begin as soon as you get her home, but don't worry - most cats learn very quickly.In most cases, litter training must be continued up to age of six months. It does not mean you will need to place your kitten in a litter box after every meal, play of sleep. Kitten will find his way on its own most of the time, assuming you have provided a suitable litter box. However, out of the box accidents may still happen, but will cease gradually.Did you ever think that your new kitten already know how to use a litter box? In that case, you’ll have to think again – a kitten has to be taught how exactly a box is used. Appropriate litter box training for kittens should be organized so that they don’t discrete waste all over the house. Teach them how to effectively use litter box i.e. how they can bury the feces and cover up the urine deposits. Since you still didn’t understand how to litter box train your kittens, here are some valuable tips you cannot afford to miss. The majority of kittens simply need to be shown where the litter box is, and their natural instincts will kick in. So begin training your kitten as soon as you bring her home.