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Everyone has heard of the myth that tomato juice gets rid of skunk odor. However, this really is just a myth, since the strong tomato smell does nothing more than temporarily mask the stench. If you, a pet or your property has been sprayed by a skunk, try this DIY treatment to eliminate the odor.

Let's take a look at some sure-fire methods of dealing with skunk odor and how to get rid of it both on your dog and in your home.

The spray of a skunk is not only incredibly stinky—it's also notoriously difficult to get rid of. An old folk remedy is to bathe in tomato juice, but tests show that only masks the odor. In this Science Update, you'll hear about a better way to neutralize the stink.

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Feb 22, 2016 - Let's take a look at some sure-fire methods of dealing with skunk odor and how to get rid of it both on your dog and in your home. These tactics WILL NOT work very well:How do you eliminate the odor once you have been sprayed by a skunk? It may be of no help now, but your dog could have known the warning signs ahead of time. A skunk will give many clear signals before it sprays. If threatened, it will stamp its front feet, arch its back, and shuffle away. If you don't leave right away, it will turn its posterior toward you, raise the tail, and release the smelly musk, a sulfur-alcohol compound, from special glands near the anus. This spray not only stinks, but burns and can cause temporary blindness if it is sprayed directly into the eyes. Since you didn't know this, and thus got sprayed, here is how to get rid of the smell:

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Skunks around the house can be a real problem. They can do a lot of damage to lawns and flower beds, but perhaps the biggest nuisance they cause is odors around your home, not to mention spraying you and your pet, leaving behind a hard to get rid of skunk odor. We have solutions to all these skunk problems, including how to get rid of skunk smell issues once they hit.

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If you tracked some of the offensive odor in with you and now need to know how to get rid of skunk smell indoors, don’t yet worry about washing everything. Start by placing open containers or bowls of vinegar in room corners or adjacent to any affected furniture. The vinegar should work to absorb odors over the course of the next day or two.How do you get rid of skunk odor on a German Shepherd? What is the best method to use to do exactly this? I have heard of many different solutions to try to get rid of the skunk odor and would like to share those with you now - in case you ever need to use them in the future. To tomato juice or not to tomato juice? Everyone’s heard of the old foolproof skunk standby: tomato juice. And of course, eveyone has a different opinion about how well it does, or doesn’t, work to get rid of skunk odor. The basic premise, of course, is that the acids in the tomato juice will dissolve and counteract the oils in the skunk spray. We can’t guarantee that it will work, but if you want to try it, add a can (or two or three) or tomato paste to the dog’s bath, or your own. Using tomato juice on any fabrics is probably a bad idea, unless you don’t mind the inevitable stains.