anyone familiar with hills prescription diet k/d?

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Green Hills Compilers are available for a variety of 32- and 64-bit processors including:

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Inver Hills offers weekly campus visits that last about an hour. Stop by and see us! After the Spanish founded in 1771, the Chino Hills was used extensively for grazing by mission cattle. During the Mexican Republic era, the hills were used as spillover grazing from such surrounding Mexican ranchos as and . After Mexico ceded California to the United States it was, and still is, a swamp and subject to flooding annually. Most historical dwellings were demolished in the rush to build. A local state monument is present in the grass lawn area of the local fire department, if one looks closely. Casa Colina, a well-known rehabilitation center now situated in Pomona California, began as a tubercular clinic in the Los Serranos sector. Similarly, the well known hospital, Loma Linda Hospital, also had its beginnings as a tubercular clinic. Sadly, most patients admitted for tuberculosis, succumbed to the illness because of the ineffectiveness of pre-antibotic treatments.

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Hills C/D is for “bladder stones” — including struvite

I took my cat to the vet when I found her urinating blood outside the litter box. The vet prescribed her three weeks of antibiotics (Clavamox), and a bag of dry Hill's Prescription Diet C/D that they sell on site. He also took a urine and blood sample.
I took the antibiotics, but held off on the Hills food with the intent to do my own research. (Note, I also have a second cat, her brother, who the vet said it would be fine if they were both on the same diet, as they graze on the dry food.) I couldn't help but be hesitant also due to cost and wonder if they weren't in part quick to prescribe it because of making money on the sale. After reading a lot about cat foods and urinary tract infections I thought there must be a better solution. Do you think it will be necessary to put her on the prescription diet, or do you think my solution will be a good choice for her (or do you have a better suggestion)? What are your thoughts on the nutritional differences between brands such as Hill's Prescription and Wellness (or your own personal choice)? Second I was surprised that the ingredients of Hills food had corn high on the list, having read that cat food diets without corn were generally healthier/preferred. There are other companies making prescription diets that I also believe in strongly. And the non-prescription cat food I prefer above all others has also been around forever, is not Hills, is cheaper, is not a diet I sell or get any commission from, but has been fed to my own dozens of cats in my lifetime as well as many clients who heed my recommendation and I have NEVER had a urinary tract infection or stone or crystals or any type of urinary problems in any of my cats (95% of whom have been males) ever!