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Now, let’s take a look at the differences between purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store, a hedgehog breeder, and finding a hedgehog from a current owner to adopt, so that you can make the best decision for you on where to buy a hedgehog:

So, I'd say it is safer to buy from a breeder... but at the end you will love your hedgehog the same way, no matter where he came from.

5. Find a hedgehog breeder to buy from. Hedgehog Central has a to help you find out where to buy a hedgehog in the us, canada, the UK & europe.

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Where to Buy a Hedgehog When buying a hedgehog, you want to find the right hedgehog for you When buying a hedgehog, where you get your hedgehog from is one of the most important factors on how your little hedgie will behave. Buying a hedgehog will take weeks of planing for first time hedgie buyers.

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Regardless of where to decide to buy a hedgehog, be sure to really look into the person. Be sure to look up wobbly hedgehog syndrome, as that is a problem that you certainly want to avoid. Write down a list of questions to ask the breeder or seller, such as the hedgehogs age or birthdate, their current diet, and so on. Look around online for more advice regarding picking a good hedgehog breeder and a healthy hedgehog so you can make an informed decision.

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If you’ve begun a search for where to buy a hedgehog already, you may have found that there do not seem to be many places to purchase a hedgehog in the United States.