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heating pads are very simple. They are available for sale, but they are also easy to make at home. Loosely fill a large or other cloth sack with uncooked rice or some other dry grain or beans. Sew or tie the sack closed and microwave for two or three minutes. The pad can be reheated almost infinitely. Like a water bottle, they are at their hottest right before use and then gradually cool. Making these pads at home offers an opportunity to customize them by adding a spoonful of dry, fragrant herbs. Lavender is a favorite and is sometimes used in aromatherapy for relaxation and mood elevation, but any herb will work, as long as its scent is pleasant and it is thoroughly dried. Remember not to let this type of pad get wet; once the grains or beans absorb water and break their dormancy, they begin to sprout. After sprouting begins, it cannot be reversed, and the pad will eventually begin to stink. Note that some moist heating pads are also designed to be microwaved, but that is not what is usually meant by a "microwaveable heating pad."

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It is hard to find a jade heating pad at your local pharmacy. The best place to get one is through the internet. Places like amazon have many different kinds of jade infrared heating pads for sale. A simple, relatively small one will cost around $75 for a single pad. If you choose one that also gives negative ions by adding amethyst crystals or tourmaline stones, you can pay more than twice that.

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