Tri-Heart Plus Oral Heartworm Preventive by Merck

Unlike Heartgard Plus, which is a heartworm medication and should be given every month, it is okay to discontinue Nexgard and Frontline Plus and restart the medication after thirty days. Just keep in mind that your dog may not be protected from fleas/ticks during this time. Any time you are changing or discontinuing a medication, you should consult with your veterinarian.

I use regular old HeartGard Plus for heartworm treatment and I have been using NexGard for flea and tick control

We live in Georgia and have a second home on the lake(In Georgia). My now 9yr old Golden Retriever has never had a flea on her. She is treated every month with Frontline Plus and heartguard. We have never seen a tick on her either. I however do not put the Frontline on her November through February. The need is not there. I feel this is adequate treatment for our area. I do give her Heartguard every month year around.

NexGard kills both fleas and ticks

Buying together is twice as nice. Bundle up and save even more! Protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and heartworm with this handy combo pack. Heartgard Plus While I like that K9 Advantix also repels fleas and (especially) ticks… I don’t think it repels them a full 30 days. Frontline Plus seemed to be more effective on my dogs during the entire 30-day period. And since we use Heartgard (to prevent heartworms from mosquito bites), we don’t actually need the mosquito preventative that Advantix has.

Heartgard Plus Commercial #1 - 2016 - YouTube

Is it any better than Heartgard Plus or less expensive? My dogs have used Heartgard for years but my vet sent me a message about Interceptor and there’s a special sale. I use NexGard for fleas and ticks. Not sure I want to introduce anything new into Jack’s food dish at this time if no difference.

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