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Death and dying are not subjects the public is comfortable dealing with in this youth-obsessed society, so when the time comes to discuss a loved one’s burial arrangements, relatives can be ill-equipped to deal with a headstone monument sales professional. For that reason, anyone getting into this business must balance compassion with sales know-how, understanding that competition is fierce and extends to some unlikely sources like eBay. If you’re interested in making a career selling monuments, you’ll need both strength and sales acumen to help customers make their emotional decisions.

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Description: Design Pictures of Unique Headstones for Sale with Prices When you are searching for memorial headstones for sale in Los Angeles, look no further than Sun City Granite. We have been creating beautiful grave markers and monument headstones in the Los Angeles area to remember your loved ones since 1991.

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Rome Monument specializes in designing grave markers, gravestones and monuments for families of the Catholic religion, the Roman Catholic faith, Protestant Church. See examples below of our custom cemetery memorials for members of a Catholic Church, including Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, and others who belong to the Original Church of Christ. Talk to a monument designer at Rome about etchings, engravings, portraits, epitaphs and inscriptions that enhance the beauty and personalize the message on your monument, including symbols and imagery that convey the specific religion of the deceased. These custom designed headstones for sale are available in many different styles and shapes. You can select from a wide variety of granite colors for both traditional and cremation memorials in different price ranges. by reading example epitaphs, quotes, sayings, verses and phrases for cemetery monuments.

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