Hartz Dentist's Best Dental Rawhide Chew Beef - 2 PACK, 2.0 PACK

Dogs often develop dental problems and this is especially true of older dogs, many of which develop tartar and gradually lose their teeth over time. The problem with plaque and tartar should not be ignored, and an easy partial solution to the problem is Hartz Dental Chews.

Chew Facts and Commentary:

Hartz Dental Chews are a chewy bone- like product flavored with bacon. The chews come in sizes for small, medium, and large dogs and they are designed to help reduce plaque and the tartar that follows.

Hartz Dental Chews have a smell/taste that is appealing to dogs and mine took to them right away. One unusual quality is the shape- they do not have the traditional bone shape so common to most dog treats and dental chews. Instead, they are shaped like a hockey stick, but this shape is actually better because it is easier to grip and is designed to help do a better job removing plaque.

Hartz Dental Chews seem to make a difference and they do help clean a dog’s teeth through the scraping action. One thing I have noticed, however, is that the chews need to be used sparingly. A dog with a hearty appetite that loves to chew will destroy both of the chews in a very short time, so it is important to feed them on occasion only, since feeding them more frequently is not only costly, but also defeats the purpose.

Bottom Line Viewpoint:

Hartz Dental Chews are a good dog chew for eliminating plaque and tartar and they are one of the better chews I have given to my dog for this purpose. They still cannot take the place of a professional cleaning, but they are a good between- dentist option for your dog and they do make a difference.

Quality of Ingredients
This doggie dental product is made with acceptable ingredients, but not exceptional ingredients so use sparingly.

Side Effects
No noticeable side effects, but a dog with already weak teeth may lose one as he/she chews.

Hartz Dentist's Best Chewy Treats: Small - 20 Pack #12542 - Dental Dog Treats

I contacted Petco regarding the false advertising and they referred me to the manufacturer of the American Rawhide Natural chews.... They identified the manufacturer as Hartz Mountain Company.

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