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Hartz Chew 'n Clean Tuff Bone Dog Toy features a patented bone design that entices chewing, helps clean your dog's teeth and gums, and removes harmful tartar. The toy is safe and long-lasting with an enticing bacon scent.

Hartz DENTAL Chew 'N Clean Teething Ring Dog Toy is made of a combination of durable nylon and polyurethane. It has sturdy nubs wi

Hartz Dental Chew 'n Clean Toy patented bones and balls promote chewing which helps clean your dog's teeth and gums, removing harmful tartar. They are safe and long-lasting with an enjoyable bacon flavor.

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Hartz Dental Chew 'n Clean Toy patented bones and balls promote chewing which helps clean your dog's teeth and gums, removing harm I have a one year old Bullmastiff and I’m scared to death after doing reasearch about the Hartz bones . My dog gotten bloody dirrea this morning my husband is getting ready to take him to the vet . I looked in his feces to see and we gave him a green one bone Hartz clean and chew and it was shards of green and white in his feces . I believe this is the reason , I looked at his old bone and the rest of the Hartz clean and chew was very sharp . I threw away the bones no good . Hartz doesn’t care. If they did test they know this . Now I hope my dog doesn’t die .

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I bought the Hartz Chew and Clean Bacon flavor chew toy for my Lhaso/Terrior. He chewed through the hard plastic part of the bone in about 10 minutes, resulting in sharp plastic spikes on the end of the bone. Had to throw it out. Won’t buy again.

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I have been buying the hartz chew n clean bones for my oldest dog for about two years. I work at a vet clinic and I am aware that Hartz is is a brand not to be trusted, but I thought the bones would be okay. I have never had any problems with them up until about a week ago. My younger dog has been chewing on the bones as well. He was having surgery to repair a fractured leg and when surgery was over he began bleeding out of his rectum, a lot. The doctor was suspecting internal bleeding because of the amount of blood. While my dog was passing the blood they found a small orange piece of plastic that was very sharp. The doctor came to the conclusion that the bleeding was caused by Colitis. Later on when my dog was being cleaned up a green piece of plastic was found, also very sharp. The only things in my house that are orange and green like those pieces of plastic are the hartz bones. I threw them away immediately. I cannot believe they are allowed to sell toys and bones for dogs that can cause so much damage. Thank god my dog is recovered now and has no more problems. I will only buy name brand toys from now on. After taking Haze to the Vet a 2nd time the Vet wanted to perform surgery. During the surgery the Vet called and said he found that his stomach and intestines had been cut by something he consumed. When I went to the Vet after he put our dog to sleep he handed me a bag of what they retracted from his insides. After further review, we could confirm the hard substance in the bag was the plastic pieces from the Hartz chew-n-clean dog bone toy.