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Much like people, different hamsters are suited to different situations and homes. So the first decision you need to make is what type of hamster you want, and which is best suited to you and your circumstances.

Here's how to make your hamster's transition to their new home as stress-free as possible.

Dwarf hamsters living together need a vast open space to facilitate their friendly relations. Dwarf hamsters can become territorial and aggressive to each other at a moment’s notice, so it is important to give them a suitable home.

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Honestly, this should be incorporated into a magazine story. Congratulations on making such a beautiful and thoughtful home for your hamster. If your hamster has plenty of suitable objects to chew on, and something to keep them entertained in their cage, and they still chew bars, then we recommend moving your hamster to an aquarium style home free from any metal bars.

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This is the newest eXtreme activity home for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. It comes complete with everything your little guy needs and more - water bottle, food, funnel, Xtreme glow-in-the-dark wheel w

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When providing a cage you must remember he is a chewer and an excellent escape artist. He can chew through wood or soft plastic, such as the screening on top of tank cages. There are a variety of different habitats that you can choose for your hamster’s home.Aquarium
A glass aquarium with a screened top can also be used as a home. An aquarium has corners that a hamster likes, it’s high enough to add an exercise wheel, and he can’t climb glass making it almost escape proof.Wire Cage
A wired bar cage as an excellent home. Just make certain the bars are close enough together that your hamster can’t wriggle through. Be sure that any door can be securely latched, your pet is capable of moving a sliding door with his teeth and escaping.Cage Supplies
Once you have picked out the perfect home, you need to fill it with everything he needs to have a happy and healthy life. Sources of food, water, bedding, and toys are all important to your hamster’s well being.