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I'll admit I got my first hamster on a whim and new nothing even though I had asked the girl in petsmart about what it needs (I now know they are very uninformed). SO i got a small habit trail for a dwarf hamster and thought about cage attachments but it was too expensive so I got a really small cage for him. Got the pine (cheap) bedding. Girl told me to get salt wheels for chewing (bad) and I would give him a lot of bad treats bc it said they loved them on the bright packages (ugh). Everything I did was not good. It wasn't until after Stewie died that I started to do more researching on his needs bc I felt he died much too young. I realized his cage was not adequate. His wheel I had it on wrong so it barely turned (this is probably why he bar chewed) but I did take him out a lot so he got a lot of out of the cage time but obviously he wanted out at night while I was sleeping. I realized the bedding was not good. THe salt wheels were bad. I blamed myself so badly for his death bc I figured I somehow caused it. It almost made me not want another hamster. But so happy I went through it again. Live and learn. Hopefully, by being educated I am giving Auggie a great life. He seems very happy.

Jun 15, 2016 - These kinds of hamster cages are ones that can be easily connected with tubes and attachments and can easily be expanded

Hamster Cages that are made of plastic:
These kinds of hamster cages are ones that can be easily connected with tubes and attachments and can easily be expanded. These kinds of cages come with accessories such as a wheel and a bottle and have quite a thick layer of bedding for your little hamster to burrow.

All Living Things® Hamster Starter Kit ..

I never knew that a hamster cage can come in so many different designs and colors. Also, when you're shopping you may want to look for some attachments.
The colorful Ferplast Circus Fun Playground Hamster Cage gives your pet a wide living space in the tent of a circus. You can keep your small friend busy with the features and allow them to move around the three floors plus the sleeping area.
Made with colorful stickers for kids, there are large playing areas for your pet. It is really easy to clean and you will be amazed at how spacious it is. The ramps and level all work well for hamsters and the design also appeals to children.
Ideal for all types of hamsters such as the Chinese dwarf hamster, children can decorate the cage with cheerful decorations due to the design. It is a good sized cage to keep your pets under control in a circus design with 2 transparent windows. The whole thing measures 49 x 13 x 16 inches to meet the space needs of your hamster.
The base and roof is designed strategically and the base is nice and deep. Ideal for a Syrian hamster to get some circus fun, the habitat is also quite unique with the colorful stickers. For safety purpose, this decently size hamster cage is packed with security features.
The base can be detached for ease of cleanup and you can also personalize the hamster cage with various amenities. It looks like a mini circus and is an original design with a plastic base. It also provides the best animal comfort in a cute package.
Your pet will be very happy with the cage as the upper wire net structure makes it secure and fit well with your pet’s size. It also allows lots of room for your pet hamster and comes apart for easy cleaning and accurate cleaning. It also appears well made with the removable roof and base.
Good for a Syrian hamster, there are also different floors for your pet to enjoy. It is also ideal for a gerbil and other small animals with the included accessories with plenty of room to spare. The small opening doors also make it super cute and easy to access.
The provided hamster wheel ensures hours of exercise and entertainment for the hamster. Your pet will love everything as it is a very cute cage that can be placed with a nest for any regular sized hamster. It is also connected by ladders for a lot of fun activities for your pets.
The drinking bottle is also working well with no leaks. The attachments and tubes are easy to use and the feeder is simple to put back together after cleaning. Ideal for a Syrian hamster, the ladders work effectively and the plastic bottom keep the pet safe.
Even a fancy hamster can be housed in this cage as the shelves help them roam around. Pets also cannot get hurt with the design of this cage. Moreover, you can allow your pet to exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle in this hamster cage.

Prevue Frisky Ferret Small Animal Cage.

Hamsters manage to escape from their cages all the time. Some hamsters are more likely to try escaping than others though. It just depends on your pet's personality. In some instances, you might have a hamster that is smart enough to learn how to open the door to her cage. In other cases, you might have a hamster that has been gnawing her way through part of the cage and is basically breaking out of her little prison. Still, there are many instances when the pet owner simply forgets to shut the cage door. Also, you could have a cage that is just not secure enough. Hamsters can often chew open a cage attachment if given the chance.