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Your hamster habitat should be the biggest investment you buy for your hamster. There are plenty of cheap sub-standard cages sold in pet stores that do not meet the minimum size requirement. If you are on a tight budget – ‘Ware Manufacturing‘ have some basic but big cages for sale that meet the for both Syrian and Dwarfs that can be had for prices under 50 dollars on amazon. You can find some bargain hamster cages on eBay – Cages do not hold their value well on the second-hand market.

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Another great option are homemade bin cages – They can be made very cheaply and suit both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters.

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The Hamster Flying Saucer comes in 3 different sizes. Small for Dwarf Hamsters, Medium for Syrian Hamsters and Large for larger pet rodents. The only negative is that Saucers can take up a lot of ground space of your cage making a case for having a bigger cage even greater. Some of the best hamster cages for sale would not be complete without a saucer!


Jan 25, 2013 - What are the best Hamster Cages for sale that will give the very best Hamster Habitat and the best Hamster Environment for your little pet. Transparent acrylic hamsters gerbil rats playhouse rodents houses condos cage villa swing seesaw wooden toys ** Details can be found by clicking on the image. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)

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Unless you're totally new to shopping for hamster supplies, chances are you've run into Super Pet and Ovo Habitrail products before. These two brands offer a range of hamster supplies and basically the best hamster cages for sale.

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If you plan on housing a pair of dwarfs or even a small group, we recommend you buy them a wide open space to facilitate good relations. Dwarfs can live all of their life peacefully; however, improper housing can cause fighting. You should avoid habitrail type cages that are commonly for sale marketed towards dwarfs because the tube and modular nature of these cages tend to encourage hamsters to become territorial over certain parts of the habitat.The easiest option would be a 40 Gal breeder tank, which is $40 during Petco's dollar per gallon event. I, personally, think 40 gallon breeders are too small, but luckily some Petco's now include a 75 gallon tank in the $1 per Gallon sale, so it would be $75. A 75 gallon tank has 864 sq inches of space and is also taller than a breeder tank, so it allows for deeper bedding. The Deltolf is pretty short and doesn't allow for deep bedding and fitting a properly sized wheel for a Syrian can be tricky and could require a DIY lid. I don't like Detolfs for those reasons. Hamsters should ideally have 1 foot of bedding for burrowing, which isn't possible in Detolfs but is easily done in a 75 gallon tank. Plus the tank doesn't have the joint lines in it like the Detolf does. So if you want a glass cage, go with the 75 gallon. If you don't mind a cage with 3 melamine or wooden sides and only a glass or plexiglass front, there are plenty of other DIY options. Any melamine bookcase can be laid on it's side to be used as a hamster cage. Just take out the shelves, put plexiglass on the front (can be sliding door style for easy access), and install ventilation on the top and sides. Pretty easy and you can find book shelves on craigslist for $10 or so.