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The GL is superior to the Halti because it actually allows you to close the dog's mouth if necessary, which the Halti does not. A clever dog an also back out of a Halti (which is why they come with a collar loop), but a well-fitted GL is pretty much impossible for a dog to escape. I don't think a GL should be used with a long loose leash, but no training collar should (otherwise what's the point of the training collar?). The leash attaches to the base of the dog's throat, not to the end of the dog's nose, so unless your dog has a very long skinny neck like a sighthound's I think the risk of "whiplash" injuries is greatly overstated. The times that Solo did lunge with a GL on, he went straight into the headcollar and was not twisted sideways in any way. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen, just that in my experience it doesn't and seems like it would be easy to prevent anyway.

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I would love to try the halti headcollar because I have been looking into a headcollar for the past couple of weeks. My dogs pulls a lot when we’re walking and I’m trying to get her to start running with me more.

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Halti Head Collar & Link For Dogs (Black) low-cost The Halti Headcollar is a great tool for enjoying long walks with your dog. Unfortunately, many dogs are not properly taught how to walk on a leash when they are young. This can result in unwanted pulling on your shoulders and wrists, and can lead to joint strains and even dangerous falls.

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The Halti Head Collar was the world's first dog head collar and is designed to stop dogs from pulling.
It was invented in 1979 by Dr Roger Mugford and is approved and recommended by vets and canine professionals worldwide.
It's unique patented design works by gently directing the dog’s head, steering him into the desired position, just as a head collar works to steer a horse.
Naturally following the contours of a dogs face and positioned well down the dog's nose, the Halti gives you maximum steering power and control.
The particular advantage of the HALTI is its unique on-off muzzle-closing effect: when the dog attempts to lunge forward or attack, his jaws are closed by the slip ring.
When he is relaxed or friendly, he can pant easily.
The soft material and careful design and construction ensures the HALTI is comfortable and in many dogs can create a pronounced calming effect.
The HALTI makes training and behavior modification of dogs practical and safe.
It can be used in a number of ways: either as a passive means to simply stop dogs pulling or as an active training aid.
Millions have been sold worldwide to grateful owners of pulling dogs. HALTI comes in six sizes and all HALTI's have a padded noseband for extra comfort.

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There is a saying among wrestlers that, undoubtedly, has been recited and restated endlessly as it has been passed down continuously from one grappler to the next since ancient times, which is this: To control the head is to control the man. The head collar, also called a halti, works on much that same principle. When a dog is a world-class puller or is also reactive on leash to either people or to other dogs, a head collar is my tool of choice. British animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford developed the first head collar, the Halti, in 1986. Mugford scaled down the head halters that had been used for thousands of years on horses (bridles), cattle, camels and lamas, and then adjusted the construction to fit the dog’s facial anatomy. Other brands have since hit the market, including the , , and the most common brand in the United States, the .