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Needless to say, Baker’s work on each and every piece is spectacular. Like his own faceless Joker from artist ‘s version of the character and his wife’s classic Harley Quinn getup, as seen above. Considering that Rick had to local time on Halloween day, his efforts seem to be worth it.

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My Sexy Female Joker Halloween Makeup Tutorial was inspired by the joker makeup from the many movies and comic books where Joker the fictional character can be seen. I wanted to make a sexy female joker version which was an easy halloween look for 2016, but I still plan to do one day poison ivy makeup, and a few other Batman villain characters. I hope that you enjoy this makeup look. Make sure to check out my website for all the details.

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SoJO 104.9’s intern Cynthia turn Social Spring into ‘The Joker’ just in time for Halloween! You have terrorized the streets, taken on superheroes, and put some time in at Belle Reve Prision, now it is time to put your villainous ways to good use in our mens Suicide Squad costumes! If you are the type of man who always hits his mark, dressing in a Deadshot costume may be the best for you. But if you are more naturalistic and tough, our Killer Croc Halloween costumes will definitely terrify all of the superheroes in your path. Finally, go a little crazy with Harley Quinn on your arm when you dress as Batman's archnemesis The Joker. Join all the other villains like Enchantress, Rick Flag, El Diablo, and Boomerang, in the task force to use your villianous ways for good in our Suicide Squad mens costumes.


Nicole and John absolutely love Halloween, so they decided to get married in a unique fashion. They dressed up as the insanely lovable characters from the Suicide Squad movie, Joker and Harley Quinn.

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Now that October is here, it’s time to get a jump on the hot Halloween costumes of 2016. This year’s totally-on-trend look? Jared Leto’s super edgy, tatted Joker from Suicide Squad. There’s only one problem: will make you look like the world’s biggest douche.Our Joker Halloween costume can be made entirely with items from our stores. We’ve got wigs of every color and brand new makeup to make this Men’s Joker Costume a fierce contender for your costume choice. You can buy several pieces of it brand new in our stores or create your own DIY version with the thousands of items down our aisles. Here it is, a Halloween Joker Costume that’s as green and mean as all get out. We paired his signature green and purple-colored garb with a fantastical wig and ghoulish makeup for an authentic Men’s Joker Costume. Now all you have to do is learn the catch phrases!Conquer your Suicide Squad Joker look when you follow this Halloween makeup tutorial by Alex Faction as he shows you how to use the Joker makeup kit with faux tattoos for a look more villainous than the rest! Products listed below:

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