Gumby plush is the perfect toy for your pet and nostalgic pet owner.

Today, Albee and Pepper are testing out the Multipet Gumby dog toy. See what all the hype is about!

The Multipet Gumby dog toy is about 9 inches tall and made with a very soft, plush fabric. It is perfect for medium sized dogs, and dogs who aren't tough chewers. Tough chewers may be able to rip off Gumby's arms or chew through to the stuffing and squeaker which may become choking hazards.

If your pup likes a toy to cuddle or play lightly with, this toy is perfect for you!

MultiPet Dog Toy Gumby Plush New Plush Squeaky Dog Toys Dog Supply Dog Chew Toys #MultiPet

This is a17.5" plush doll of Gumby, who has plastic eyes and yellow felt sewn-onfacial features. He is shown waving with his right arm. This itemprobably dates to the later 1980s, but there is no indication anywhere on it asto who made it. Gumby is in virtually perfect condition.

Gumby Plush, Dog Toy, 9" - Lambert Vet Supply

GUMBY PLUSH DOLL 18 1/2" I'm Back Baby! PREMA TOY CO., INC. Green VINTAGE TV #PremaToy This is an 8"plush doll of Gumby, who is shown waving with his left hand. He wears aSanta Claus hat and is shown looking downward and toward his left side. The doll was manufactured by Ace Novelty in 1988, as indicated on the originalmanufacturer's label that is sewn securely into the back of Gumby's leftleg. This doll is in near mint condition, with the absence of one smalleyebrow being Gumby's principal flaw.

Vintage Giant Green Gumby Plush - Etsy

This is a softplush doll of Gumby, standing 18.5" tall. He waves with hisupwardly-bent left arm and wears a white shirt with red block lettering saying This item is in virtually perfect condition, including thepresence of its manufacturer's labels. Gumby was made by Toy Network andhe probably dates to the 1990s or 2000s.

Gumby Rasta Jumbo - Discount Plush

Gumby Plush Dog Toy (9 inch), the loveable character from the popular television series, is featured in this new plush dog toy by Multipet. Now pets will love Gumby as much as their owners!Gumby is back. Gumby is now available as a plush covered and plush filled dog toy that squeaks. This 9″ toy is great for all breeds that are not aggressive chewers.Gumby is back. Gumby is now available as a plush covered and plush filled dog toy that squeaks. This 9″ toy is great for all breeds that are not aggressive chewers.The brand has had a strong retail presence for more than 50 years. Products are sold in specialty retailers (Cost Plus, Toys ‘R Us, Spencers…), trend-setters (Urban Outfitters, Old Navy…) and mass (Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s…) The licensing avalanche began when 13 million bendable toys were sold in just a few short years in the 1960’s. New waves of licensing continue with each successive generation. Products licensed include: toys, apparel, collectibles, plush, gifts, stationery, paper products, books, comics, jewelry, edibles, bedding, housewares and just about everything else. Gumby has also promoted other high-profile brands (products, services, TV networks, sports teams…)