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The differ from the scissor-type in a few ways. The blades of the guillotine clippers are smaller and have a ring at the tip of the trimmer. Before beginning to cut the nails, it is important to make sure that the blades of the clippers work properly, especially if the person is using a . Test the dog clippers by squeezing the handle once or twice to ensure that the blades do not stick together and that they otherwise move fluidly.

Guillotine Nail Trimmer is perfect for regular clipping of your pet's nails.

With Guillotine style Nail Trimmers the nail is passed through the clippers so that the clippers will cut up from the bottom of the nail and away from the quick. Once the clippers are positioned properly give on quick hard squeeze to cut completely through the nail.

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different sides of the guillotine nail trimmer and where each side faces There are three different types of cat nail clippers: guillotine clippers, scissor-style clippers and human nail clippers. Knowing how these three types of claw trimmers work can help you decide which type is right for you.

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Guillotine clippers work something like a guillotine. The nail passes through a metal hoop on the end of the clipper, and when the handles close, a blade slides across the loop, trimming the nail. Guillotine clippers dull often and their blades will need to be replaced frequently.

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Our Safari Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmers are made from the finest quality stainless steel with a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. The double-bladed guillotine trimmer is perfect for left or right hand use. Holding the paw firmly, trip the tip of the nail with a single stroke. Be careful to stop short of the quick, the blood vessel inside the nail. If the dog's nails are very long, trim a small amount. Repeat every 7-10 days until nails are at desired length. Monthly trimming should be sufficient thereafter.

Be sure to accustom your dog to having its nails trimmed at an early age to make the experience an enjoyable one and increase the bond between you and you dog. It is important to your dog's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed.Guillotine Style – this is the most common type of nail trimmer. It is especially popular for smaller dogs, as it is extremely simple to use. With this trimmer the nail is inserted into the small metal hole, and the handle is squeezed. The blade slides across the hole, trimming off the excess nail. The downside with these trimmers, is that the blade does need to be replaced with use. Additionally, it does not have the force to trim a large dog’s toenails.