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Pricing/Grooming package - We have taken down the price list on this page since it is listed by breed when you book online. Select your dogs breed on the booking page and underneath there will be a price for a bath only or haircut. Feel free to email or call us with any questions, such as groom prices for short haired dogs that we don't usually shave (like pugs or huskies).

Full Grooming includes bath, brush, nails, ears, anal glands expressed and cut of choice.

Count on our stainless steel veterinary dog bath tubs to save your back, neck and shoulders, day after day. Choose from hydraulic-lift grooming tubs, step-in tubs, elevated ramps and other features designed for your comfort and safety when bathing squirmy, playful or even aggressive animals.

62" Professional Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub With Ramp

We offer baths and nail trims on any day, and full grooms are available every day except Sunday. Depending on the breed and condition of the pet, we recommend that you have your pet groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. Your groomer and bather will be happy to guide you with a grooming schedule that meets you and your pet’s specific needs.

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Pets with a grooming appointment must be dropped off between 7:30am-9am Monday-Friday. Drop off on Saturday and Sunday is from 8am-9am. Please drop your dog off at our front door under the “Pet Spa” awning. Dogs with incisions/stitches cannot be bathed or groomed.

Professional Dog Grooming Supplies With Back-Saving Dog Bath Tubs

The Animell’e professional grooming dog bath has been designed with groomers in mind. It is big enough for any type of dog. It comes complete with a sliding front door and an east acess ramp which is attached to the bath.After three years, her growing business gave her the opportunity to expand and build her dream. With the encouragement of local veterinarians, family and friends, her dream came true and a new kennel and grooming facility, South Paw Bed & Bath, (Angela is a lefty) was built in 2000. Now, 16 years later, many changes have taken place. One thing will always remain the same, Angela, her husband Bill and caring staff at South Paw will always strive to offer your pet the best service they can give for years to come!South Paw Bed & Bath also sports a well-equipped grooming salon to provide most grooming needs for your pet. Whether your pet needs just a bath, nail trimming, or a full grooming service, our experienced groomers will pamper your pet with great care and love. We regularly attend seminars to keep up to date with new products, latest grooming techniques and current styles.PLEASE NOTE! South Paw Bed & Bath reserves the right to refuse boarding or grooming to any pet we feel may be disruptive to our other guests. These may include, but are not limited to, females in their heat cycle, nuisance barkers and aggressive pets showing aggression with any staff members. We attempt to reduce stress on our guests and to do so, at times, refuse certain pets. Thank you for your understanding.