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You might have provided a great, spacious habitat for your syrian hamster and still find they are starting to persistantly chew on the bars. Besides causing a lot of noise, bar chewing will put your hamster at risk for breaking their teeth and can cause some serious medical issues. A syrian hamster's teeth grow continuously throughout their life, so if they break one tooth the other one will continue to grow and can cause mouth injuries or prevent them from eating. A hamster with a broken tooth should go to the vet to have their teeth trimmed back so they grow back in evenly. If you notice your hamster starts bar chewing, try adding some hanging chew toys over the area where they are chewing, but if the behavior doesn't stop with some extra toys you should move your hamster into a cage without bars such as an aquarium or bin cage. Cages with rectangular openings in the bars will deter many bar chewers, but aren't 100% effective at stopping a hamster with a persistant bar chewing habit.

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Furthermore, there’s great depth in the bottom of the cage to allow deeper hamster burrowing than many other cages offer. As mentioned above, all CritterTrail cages are compatible with other CritterTrail accessories, allowing for endless fun and cage additions. You can connect cages to each other if you wanted! It’s that awesome.

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great hamster cages There is a lot of module type cages with linking tubes on the market which are good as an add-on to the main cage but don’t represent a great stand-alone cage for a hamster. Hamsters thrive best in wide open spaces so multi-tiered cages do not count with regards to minimum space area for them.

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Cages with lots of levels for your hamster to explore are great because it provides entertainment for your hamster during the long nights! There are plenty of cages with extra floors, tubes and cubby-holes for your hamster to enjoy. These cages are fairly common and are only slightly more expensive than your ordinary, bog-standard cage. In my opinion, every hamster should be treated to one!

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There is a lot of poor quality hamster cages on the market for cheap prices. Cheaper cages are made from inferior quality metal that rusts quickly with plastic trays that are not well fitting allowing gaps to appear. A good quality can last you for many years whereas a poor quality cage might break or need replacing in a year or so. When viewing a hamster cage, pay attention to the bar spacing the escape points. Usually, hamster cages at Walmart are not the greatest quality, so I suggest going to a specialist pet store.Fun for Hamsters – 5 out of 5
The hamster heaven is great fun for hamsters. I’m confident this is one of the best hamster cages available today in terms of fun. Your hamsters will surely love the multiple platforms, the slide and the wheel. The size of the base gives a lot of options in terms of third-party toy purchases as well as DIY toys. Hamsters love climbing and will surely be using the bars as climbing apparatus, the good thing about this cage is the platforms which means they will not fall as far compared to other more basic cages.