DIY Giraffe Halloween Costume Tutorial

Originally, I wanted to make a full-on giraffe-print body suit by adding brown felt spots to a nude-colored jumpsuit, but there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I reach for the sky with these costume ideas, and then my full-time job, adult responsibilities and budget slowly bring me back down to earth.

Tower over the rest with this surprisingly easy-to-make kid's Halloween giraffe costume.

My friends and I decided to do a group themed costume as the idea of party animals. Each of us chose an animal that would be easy to dress up as, then bought our costumes, and added party hats and had party horns/streamers.
Creating the giraffe costume:
1) Bought a plain yellow dress, brown tights, giraffe ears and tail, party accessories, brown acrylic paint, and dark brown foundation, and had a brown belt
2) Painted random brown spots onto the front and back of the dress
3) Created a party hat out of construction paper and glue gunned it to the ears, as well as glued the ribbon on
4) Painted brown spots onto my face and neck
5) Then put everything on and attached the tail to the belt!

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In case you want to make your own giraffe costume, here’s how I did it: The Giraffe Adult Costume is an adorable and soft take on the lanky jungle favorite. Rise above the animal kingdom in haute couture height! Who knew the tallest mammal on earth could also be so stylish?

DIY Giraffe Costume IG: jetaimekat

Who said I stunted my growth? The long neck Giraffe Child Costume towers above the rest. Includes: Headpiece, Shirt With Attached Hooves,And Pants Does Not Include: Shoes Brand New In Manufacturer Packaging

Madagascar, Melman The Giraffe Costume

So, why not become one of the most beloved animals in the wild world this Halloween? We feel that embodying the bizarre body of a giraffe may be a whole lot easier than, say, befriending one or trying to ride one! And you won’t even have to hurt your back bending so low down to the watering hole, because this costume doesn’t give you the full body height (about 15 ft!) necessary to match the legendary beast of the African Savannah. Not to worry, though, you will still look great and feel in very high spirits dressed in this Adult Wild Giraffe Costume! Don’t be surprised if the whole party is spinning extra tall tales about you all night long. We really hope our fun facts will compensate for the fact that we just can't make a seven-foot neck work for costume that under 9 feet tall can wear. Believe us when we say we devoted an entire team to just the logistics, let alone the implementation and shipping—so we tried, okay? If it's any silver (tan?) lining, this Toddler Giraffe Costume can give your child a proportionally long neck and will have him looking wild, just like his or her favorite safari creature.Whether your kid is tall, short, or constantly complaining of phantom aches and pains, they’ll make a giraffe-sized hit in this officially licensed Melman costume. This polyester jumpsuit features an attached tail and hood with bulging eyes. Attached hooves at the wrists and ankles polish off a giraffe ensemble that’ll leave you feeling fine. Maybe your young one won’t be quite as tall as a genuine giraffe, but as we’ve discussed, there’s more to a giraffe than just height.It is time for you to help give the glorious giraffe the attention that it sorely deserves and we can help you illustrate it’s delightfully goofy demeanor thanks to the Adult Jolly Giraffe costume. This polyester velour and fleece fabric jumpsuit fits well thanks to its back zipper and includes a delightful sewn-on faux fur tail. The headpiece transforms you with its soft-sculpted giraffe head, including soft antlers, and even gives you an extra foot of height—who can argue with that!? Get ready to bray out your perfect jokes… though, we admit, people will already be in a jolly mood just from the sight of you!