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Get rid of fleas in your yard using food-grade (affiliate). DE must be applied dry, so you’ll need a protective mask to cover your mouth and nose when applying it.

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Another natural way to get rid of fleas is to spread all over your yard. Fleas hate the smell of cedar chips and you can use this to your advantage by covering the areas where you have found fleas with wood chips and putting them along the outer fences to prevent new fleas from entering your yard.

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want to get rid of fleas TEMPO SC ULTRA inside your home and your yard . this stuff works. Hello we just found out our house has rats I was wondering if you knew any way to get rid of the fleas that they are carrying they have gotten quite severe inside the house and we have no pets and our yard is quite open we’re wondering if you had any suggestions thank you

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Hey Moji! Thanks for leaving a comment! You actually don’t need to have pets to get fleas and it seems that they may be coming in from outside. For those that have had a similar situation before, I have found that they usually have long grass in their yard or an excessive amount of shady and moistness. Fleas tend to hang around these areas and its critical to get rid of them in those areas. My recommendation is to treat your home properly and also get your yard treated for fleas. Let me know if you have any further questions

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Getting rid of flea eggs in carpets, upholstery and bedding can be taken care of with regular washing and/or vacuuming, but you are also going to need a flea repellent to use outdoors and keep fleas out of your yard. Using any sort of chemical spray will make your property an unsuitable place for your pets to roam around safely, so using these products really won't be much of an improvement.To effectively eliminate all dog fleas, you must keep your home and your surrounding areas clean. Take some special steps to get rid of fleas from within your home, your yard and your pets.With the Mosquito Barrier product, you can easily turn your yard into a flea and tick-free zone naturally and effectively. Applying Mosquito Barrier to your yard once every 3-4 weeks is all it takes to get rid of fleas (and their eggs) in any outdoor area. As long as you have a fenced in yard, your pets will be able to go outside as often as they want without picking up any fleas or ticks. Since Mosquito Barrier is 99.3% pure garlic extract, you don't have to worry about keeping your pets or your children away from sprayed areas.The beneficial nematode, alias "killer roundworm," may be nature's simplest answer yet for getting rid of troublesome, blood sucking fleas that infest backyards, homes and pets each year like clockwork.Get rid of all dead and unwanted plant growth in your yard, since they can be the source for fleas and parasites. This method of clearing will bring greater sunshine into your yard. Fleas are far too fragile to survive in the hot sun. Likewise, make it a point to flood your yard once a month to drown the fleas and kill the eggs. YRemember that you might find them in more than one area of the yard, so you need to make sure every flea infestation is found and taken care of. This is how you get rid of fleas in the yard for good.