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Providing a basking spot in a plastic tub or tank without plants runs a dangerous risk of overheating and drying out, a deadly situation for crested geckos. Do not provide a basking spot over 82, as it introduces a LOT more risk that needs to be constantly monitored. If you are up to the task of maintaining some large, well-planted tanks, then providing a light that creates a small basking spot is fine, and is often being done unintentionally with lights designed for plant growth.

My 130 gallon water dragon tank an my 20 gallon crested gecko both are very happy in there tanks

I would use kitchen roll or repti carpet only if your Leopard gecko is still a little baby. There is no risk of impaction and besides that it is easier to clean for the first couple of months, since Leopard geckos poo a lot when they are babys, because they eat soooo much in the beginning. 🙂

Further I would need that as a substrate for quarantine tanks.

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One of my Crested Gecko tanks. An Exo Terra Small Tall (18x18x24) housing 5 juvenile females. Hope you guys enjoy! and like I said in my original post. Coming from leopard geckos where bigger is always better, it's a switch to have such a small tank and think it's enough room. I just wanted confirmation that an 18x18x24 was too big for a juvie crested. I live in a good sized, but not huge apartment. It doesn't pay for me to have a 12x12x18 and then a year later switch to an 18x18x24. I can't just have empty tanks laying around.

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Fully planted tanks will help take care of themselves if you’ve set them up properly. You just have to provide light and water, as well as plants that can withstand the abuse of a crested gecko climbing and jumping on them. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) and snakeplant (Sansevieria species) are our favorites, but you can have success with sturdy bromeliads, bamboo, and ficus. Once set up, your new vivarium becomes a little piece of nature that promotes the natural behaviors of your pet. A vivarium allows you to observe your gecko in an attractive, more natural environment. You will still want to do some spot cleaning on leaves and tank furnishings, like branches and vines, but the soil will generally become “bio-active” and maintenance-free.

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Leopard gecko tanks can get dirty but not as frequently as most lizards or pets. They are quite clean reptiles. They "poo" in one corner rather than scattered everywhere.This shows how we set up our tanks to give our leopard geckos mental stimulation, hiding places and the ability to regulate their temperature and their humidity (moist and dry hides)Screen lids are a must for all gargoyle gecko tanks, regardless of gecko age. If these lids are sturdy and seated properly, they can encourage the healthy flow of air -- a good thing for your gargoyle gecko. Good flow promotes vitality and energy in these geckos, and helps facilitate an overall glowing condition. With the right care, gargoyle geckos can live for 15 to 20 years. Take your gargoyle gecko to an exotic veterinarian for routine checkups.Water should always be available for crested geckos in a shallow water dish. These geckos also require a relative humidity of at least 50 percent and preferably 70 percent. In dry areas the tanks should be lightly misted nightly or a cool air humidifier placed in the room. Inexpensive hygrometers (relative humidity gauges) for use with reptiles are now readily available in the pet trade.