Care sheet for the leopard gecko lizard (Eublepharis macularius).

Scientists think that these scales are meant as a defensive measure, but they’ve only documented their use as a means of escape a handful of times in the literature: from a scorpion (Grosphus flavopiceus), a bird (Dicrurus forficatus) and a large nocturnal Blaesodactylus gecko. For that last case, the G. megalepis lizard actually slipped out of the predator’s mouth about 30 seconds after it had been caught.

Sauropsida is not a class, it's a clade. Lizards are under the Reptilia class with the geckos.

The gecko is an often vividly colored animal with almost translucent skin made of beaded scales. They like to hang around houses or trees where they have access to insects. They are nocturnal, and the female lays one or two brittle shelled eggs per clutch. Geckos range from 4 to 10 inches long and live in the warmer parts of the world, especially dry and semi-dry deserts like those found in Afghanistan, the middle east, northwest India and the southwestern United States, though the tubercular and ground geckos can be found in Florida. The former probably came from North Africa, and the latter probably came from the West Indies. Like some other lizards like the glass snake, geckos can detach and then grow back their tails.

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They may not be as chatty as geckos, but other lizards can also communicate audibly. Geckos' tails serve to store both fat and water, and typically compose a large part of their bodies. Geckos are capable of instinctively shedding their tails when threatened. The tail's muscles will still move after it separates from the body, distracting predators long enough for the creatures to escape. Fortunately, as with most lizards, geckos can regenerate their tails. But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of geckos is their feet: They have short and somewhat bulbous toes, the pads of which are covered in setae, or small hooked bristles. This amazing feature allows geckos to climb vertical surfaces and even scamper across ceilings.

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Other than their adhesive feet and lasting fame from a series of car insurance commercials, you probably don't know a whole lot about geckos. And yet, this category of more than 1,100 species of lizard is filled with fascinating surprises. Delve into the world of the geckos and learn how they stick to ceilings, fly through trees, change color and even call to each other with "barks"!

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