If gecko hadn't been there, I don't know what we should have done.

The origin of gecko adhesion likely started as simple modifications to the epidermis on the underside of the toes. This was recently discovered in the genus from South America. Simple elaborations of the epidermal spinules into setae have enabled to climb smooth surfaces and sleep on smooth leaves.

Under proper care, plan for your crested gecko to live 15 to 20 years.

Many morphs—color or pattern variations, and occasionally size variations—have been bred. Some of the morphs include three different strains of albino, patternless, blizzard, jungle, hypomelanistic, tangerine, giant, and snow. Since many of the morphs are unrelated gene sequences, various combinations, such as patternless albino and mack snow albino, have also been bred. Patternless, hypomelanistic, and blizzard morphs primarily involve the reduction or loss of dark spots. Giant is a size morph, giants are considerably larger than normal leopard geckos. Jungle morphs involve a change in the arrangement or pattern of dark areas. Snow morphs typically have normal dark spots, but little or no yellow pigment. Tangerine morphs have an orange pigment on part of their body, typically the head and/or tail.[]

The giant New Caledonian is one of the largest geckos in the world.

These geckoes can inflict severe bites if they are sufficiently threatened. On the other hand, grey geckos could be an accumulation of unintended selection that just happened to hit the right combination with the parents, meaning it could be all up to future selective breeding to bring out the greys, and not have as big of an impact on the other colors. But who knows! Perhaps we’ll end up with grey & white geckos or even a grey tricolor version, if the traits or mutations don’t restrict the expression of pattern.

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To prove out axanthic in crested geckos, you could pair the grey gecko to a yellow. In theory, the offspring of these pairings may look normal (yellow or any other color, including grey as this is possible due to selective breeding) but be het for axanthic. In future breedings, you would stop getting yellow but may produce reds as well as visual greys. Browns would be unlikely due to the strong presence of yellow in the warm browns. By pairing the grey gecko to a red, you could prove out or rule out anery, as 2nd generation offspring would retain yellow and no red pigment along with grey and brown.

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