Caresheet - Gargoyle Queen Reptiles

I have both my geckos ( I also have a baby Gargoyle Gecko) in a setup like this. They are both on paper towels as a substrate that have been doubled over to assist in retaining humidity. I like paper towels because I can see poo easily (you want to remove poo as soon as you see it to stop it going mouldy) and I know his gut is healthy. I know, nice.

Humidity is an important factor in the overall health of your Gargoyle Gecko

: Provide a constant supply of clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free water in a shallow bowl that cannot be tipped over. Using a plant mister, mist your Gargoyle Gecko heavily twice daily. They will eagerly lap the water off of the surfaces in their enclosure, and the misting will provide much needed humidity.

NEHERP - Crested & Gargoyle Gecko Care

Gargoyle geckos need some humidity to shed, but they are not from the tropics. The bottom of the enclosure should be covered with some sort of substrate. There are many different substrates that can be used such as reptile carpet/turf, paper towels, eco earth or orchid bark. Choices such as eco earth or orchid bark will help hold humidity. For babies and younger gargoyle geckos we use and recommend paper towels. When feeding insects, sometimes geckos can miss their target and ingest some of the substrate. By using paper towels, it will prevent any baby geckos from getting impacted. We also line our adult enclosures with paper towels, while we are not worried about impaction with the adults it is easier to clean and monitor the bowel movements. It is up to you to decide what works best for you and your gecko.

New England Herpetoculture - Crested & Gargoyle Gecko Care

Misting our geckos not only helps with humidity but it also helps keep the geckos hydrated. Some gargoyles will refuse to drink out of water bowls so by spraying the tank, the gecko will be able to lap up water droplets. We will also always have a fresh bowl of water in the tank. Even if we never see the gecko drinking from a bowl, it is better to let the gecko have constant access to water. They may just be shy and never drink in front of you. Fresh water should be given at least every other day and the water bowl should be disinfected or replaced at least once a week.

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