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I really love this as a piece of kitty furniture. It's well-made, looks great, and the cats love it as a hiding place and a perch from which to survey their realm. However, it's just not deep enough to accommodate most contemporary litter boxes. I use a modestly new-dangled litter system (nothing fancy or expensive), and I'd have to go to a store now and measure old-fashioned cat litter pans to find one that fits into the table/box. Which means I'd be losing ground in terms of finding a well-designed litter system that doesn't track or smell in order to use this table as it's described. There would be no way to use this as a "nightstand" with your basic box of used kitty litter. Ugh. I love this, I do. I just wish it were available in a deeper size to accommodate some of the newer litter systems that take care of odors.

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As our cats don’t always hit their litter box target (weird, right?) We decided to line the inside of the furniture with heavy duty plastic drop cloth so that it can be cleaned / replaced as needed. I used a staple gun to hold the pieces in place. Update, 7/26/14: we’ve recently added pet pee pad lining behind the boxes in addition to the plastic for those times when the one cat misses the litter boxes. They do a pretty good job of absorbing liquid and locking in the odor.

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This furniture is the right solution for households tired of the mess from cat litter boxes. The product was a bit on the pricey side and I mulled it over for several weeks before actually placing the order. My friends have given me a hard time for spending so much on a litter box, but when I added up all the money I've spent on traditional (and experimental) litter boxes and various and assorted litter mats over the years, I regretted that I had not heard of this product sooner as I could have saved myself some money and all the trouble of experimenting with different products that simply do not work. The Out of Sight Litter Box is well worth the money. It's a very nice looking, sturdy piece of furniture and I expect it will be the last litter box I ever purchase. I recommend it to every cat owner I encounter.

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Some of the most beautiful design for cats comes from The Netherlands. Kenzi is one Dutch company that offers very stylish, modern cat furniture, including litter boxes, scratchers, and beds. I first spotted some of these pieces in the incredible PurrfectDesign retail store in Antwerp. Each piece is simple and elegant and appears to be [...]

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LitterBoxes-8 from using furniture piece from Salvation Army (remember they lined it with heavy duty plastic drop cloth & a staple gun to hold pieces in place and also had a litter mat. Used masking tape to outline where they would drill th A litter box is probably one of the least appealing objects in the house. Fortunately, there are ways how to cover it. Take a look below to find out more about the cat litter boxes furniture which I found on the web. It's a simple way to hide what shouldn't be visible and yet let the pet use the box freely.