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Each of these premium covers is tailor-made for our Chatham outdoor furniture collection. Made with an extra-thick, colorfast fabric, they offer an incomparable level of protection.

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Keep your new or used patio furniture protected with patio furniture covers! This is a handy little feature that will keep you from chasing your furniture covers across the yard. During storms or in windy conditions, furniture covers can easily transform into balloons. Buy furniture covers that have string ties around the bottom to help you secure them to your furniture. For more tips on dealing with patio furniture in windy conditions, you can check out .

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When the last leaf has fallen and the warm summer weather has retreated, we’ll all have to deal with the changes. Patio furniture covers are just one solution to this problem. There are cushion storage boxes that you can store your cushions in when not in use. They’re also very stylish! See what I’m talking about .

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Your backyard is an extension of your home, so naturally you want it to be as comfortable as the rest of the house is. Whether you already have a , or you are planning to and want to keep it clean and usable for years to come, you need a high-quality cover for the table and chairs that help to create your home’s outdoor entertainment area. This guide will teach you how to buy the best patio furniture covers by giving you the tips you need to know.If you want to truly benefit from your purchase, you need to understand exactly what you should expect from your patio furniture covers. This will help you to determine whether the price is worth the product as you do your shopping. Quality covers not only protect from humidity, rain and snow, they also protect your furniture from high winds that might cause damaging debris to fly by, and they can even protect from the sun’s UV rays, which are known to fade some materials. Depending on how well-versed you are in outdoor furniture terminology, you might be thinking of cushions to cover seats, an umbrella to shade you from the sun or something else altogether. In reality, patio furniture covers are actually made to protect your furniture from the elements when not in use. If the company doesn’t offer covers for your specific furniture, you will need to do some measuring. Measure for the length, width and height of your furniture. You don’t want to purchase covers that are too short, but buying ones that are too long can be just as detrimental because they will trap water and dirt at the base of the furniture. For these reasons, buying patio furniture covers that perfectly fit your furniture is crucial.