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No one knows why the shoulder joint capsule in particular would be the tip of this dysfunctional iceberg. Why such a dramatic point of failure? Why that tissue in particular? No one knows. But the relationship between frozen shoulder and metabolic syndrome is clear, as well as other glitchy biology like hyperthyroidism. It is one of many conditions that fall short of frank, diagnosable autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, but are still obviously autoimmune in character and characterised by inflammatory over-reaction.

from bursting pipes is one of the most common  claims, with an average claim cost of about $5,000.

The choice is based on personal preference. With today's freezing methods, there is no significant difference in quality between a fresh turkey and a frozen one. The moisture loss is minimal. If you like to shop well in advance of cooking the meal, a frozen turkey is your best bet. Make sure the turkey is solidly frozen. By reading the label carefully, you can be sure of getting exactly what you want— stuffed, unstuffed, basted, unbasted, or smoked.

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Easily transfer contacts, photos and videos from one device to another. I am a retired nurse now but raised 4 kids, including a set of twins and was a foster Mom for many of those years while working at least one full time job and usually two. This was the way I lived. I ran two 25 cubic foot freezers. I couldn’t have managed without them. Most of my veggies came from pick your own gardens and home frozen. Potatoes were bought in 50 lb bags. I could bake 25 lbs in my oven at once and make up twice baked potatoes in various flavors, freeze loosely on trays and add to bags when solid. Corn was bought in the fall in 20 dozen lots in the fall, cut off the cob and frozen in various preps….loosely on trays and then bagged when frozen. I did plain, some still on the cob, some creamed corn, some mixed with onion , celery and green pepper for a change. I froze every veggie I could get my hands on. , the same with fruit. I made pie crusts in bulk, froze them with fruit mixed with sugar, butter and corn starch in a bag so making a fresh pie was a matter of combining and baking. Cookies were made a slice and bake in 12 varieties. Fresh cookies any time an oven was on. Hamburger was processed down into browned 1 lb pack with various seasonings….meatloaves made 6 at a time. Hamburgers were made and barbaqued when ever the grill was on…..Ready for that quick meal…already cooked. Soups and stews the same way.
Breakfasts were easy. I would spend one day making waffles and pancakes in front of the tv… Freeze for popping in the toaster oven. A version of Egg McMuffins made and individually wrapped. Mini quiches…the same. I made my own version of instant oatmeal with powdered milk and dried fruit. French toast…and French toast sandwiches with ham and cheese were another fav…frozen for reheating.
It is cheaper and saves your sanity to think ahead!

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I have never done that but a frequent goal when I was first married was to bake 50 loaves of whole wheat bread in a weekend using 3 or four bowls and a standard home oven. It was a great couple experience. As part of the process we would crank up the heat to 85+ degrees F and dress in shorts and T-shirts. The heat made the bread raise faster. At the end of the weekend my arms felt like I had been on a marathon of weight lifting at the gym and I had lost about 10 pounds, likely of water from perspiration but our chest freezer was full with 50 loaves of great bread.

Frozen one is a type of monster in ADOM that first appeared in v