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I have had good luck with program until we introduced our new puppy this year, and now am using frontline and program until we get the problem under control. We don't have a lot of ticks in the area so no experience there. This year has been bad of fleas, possibly because of the mild winter we had. Good luck.

Can I use FRONTLINE Plus if I have already applied another flea and tick control product?

To prevent flea build-up or reinfestation, use FRONTLINE Spray prior to the onset of flea season and monthly thereafter. Ticks do not need to receive spray directly upon their body for complete control. Multiple monthly treatments are recommended for the elimination of mites. Do not reapply spray for 30 days.

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Can I use FRONTLINE Plus if I have already applied another flea and tick control product? The active ingredient in Merial Frontline is Fipronil which has been tested rigorously since the early 1980s and has been deemed one of the safest insecticides for use on household pets for effective parasite control. Unlike organophosphates (a class of insecticide that many other products contain), Fipronil does not harm pets or cause convulsions or vomiting. Also, many flea control products in the market are known to contain Permethrin which is a proven neurotoxin. The FDA is now advising pet owners to use such products with great caution. Frontline on the other hand is a safe insecticide which is absorbed in the pets’ oil glands and hair follicles, making the skin toxic to the fleas. The fleas simply drop dead when they come in contact with it and the product does all this without harming the pet.

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Naturally, you would want to give it the best without any compromises. If you have evaluated various flea products but have been dissatisfied with the results, then the Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control is the last spot treatment you will try. Not only are genuine customers who have tried the product known to be extremely satisfied with the results, they have also assured other users of its safety, especially when it is administered as per the vet’s instructions (and based on the pet’s body weight).

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