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Ground yellow corn is the first ingredient in all of the dry Friskies cat food formulas. The second ingredient is often corn gluten meal, or a chicken/poultry by-product meal. The fats in Friskies cat food formulas come from beef tallow, which is usually high on the ingredients list. Artificial flavors, artificial colors and salt are also present in many of the dry Friskies cat food formulas. In general, it seems that Friskies cat food is very high in carbohydrates.

Turkey listed as first ingredient unlike some of the Friskies that start with meat by-products

First, let me say that I am not really big on the holistic train or a terribly strict diet. My cats do eat a little people food and enjoy a few donut crumbs here and there. I have three cats who thrive on dry food, Purina/Iams and I will give them bonus shrimp and chicken morsels here and there. I do have one cat who would only eat canned food. I fed him Friskies for a few years. He gobbled it up and was ALWAYS hungry. He ended up eating 3 6oz cans a day. He is a bengal cat, and he continued getting thinner and thinner over about 2 years. I had him tested and tested. He finally got to around 6 lbs, death’s doorstep (he should weigh about 12-13lbs)….the vet did surgery and found that he had IBD and said to take him off of every protein. We did and put him on things like duck, venison. It was VERY expensive….so, after about a year, I decided to try QUALITY canned food like Addiction, Wellness, Primal, anything BUT Friskies and crappy, corn/grain/byproduct based food….long story (well a little late for that) short, he THRIVES now, novel proteins or not. I think that most allergies in cats comes from these horrible, low quality ingredients. Friskies is horrible for your cat! It’s like feeding your kid ramen noodles and potted meat.

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Find Friskies Ingredients. Search Faster, Better & Smarter at ZapMeta Now! I have a 21 year old and a 4 year old. We have both solid friskies for the younger and canned for the elder. The last month both kitties have turned their noses up on the canned food leaving it to waste. Something is up with the ingredients being changed – wouldn’t be surprised if a new mystery filler comes to light. We have been friskies users all these years but when I watch the old guy gobble down the two other brands I picked up I know something is up. Sorry friskies – you lost us. I so tired of the manufacturers pulling fast ones at the consumers expense and they think we won’t catch on.

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My little girl is 13 years. She loved Science Diet Dry Food all her life. She ate when she wanted too. She can no longer eat hard food, I tried Science Diet Salmon wet food. The salmon I know of are pinkish the science diet salmon is brownish. She wouldn’t touch it. I then tried Friskies Salmon Pate. She loved it then she started throwing up. I myself could smell that it was soured when I first opened up can after can. I then switched to Ocean Whitefish with Cheese. She lived it but a lot of money wasted because of the soured food in an unopened can. Then went to Tuna an ocean fish pate Friskies, same think, some cans were good, others were soured. Now she is on Meow Mix wet. Loves it so far, the same ingredients basically as Friskies. The moral is if it smells when you open it up or even after being refrigerated in a closed container then it is soured.

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