Even better is websites that say free return shipping

Such websites face two issues, though: One is that they’re as rare as unicorns. The other is that once you finally find them, they’re usually not very good. So rather than present you with a roundup of a 35 so-so websites that offer free international shipping in some form, I’ve chosen to showcase just the three that are the best in their respective niches: Gadgets, books, and clothing.

One of the more well-known websites with free shipping worldwide is the UK fashion and .

LightInTheBox offers free shipping on most of the products. The site is mostly dedicated to providing clothings and accessories although you can find electronic goods as well. They support PayPal and credit/debit card payments. I remember buying once using an unverified PayPal but I am not sure if they support it anymore. The clothes that they offer are good and dirt-cheap compared to those that are available on US stores' websites.

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The gist: Find out how to get your holiday purchases shipped for free with these helpful websites. The Idle Man is a menswear retailer based in UK. You can buy clothings and accessories from the site. The products are expensive for us Nepalese, more so because of the fact that you need to pay in GBP. But, if you check out the sale section of the website, you can find some average costing clothes. Besides, you will get 20% off coupon when you sign up for their newsletter. I had bought a pant and a T-shirt from the site. At that time, they used to provide free shipping on any orders, but now they offer free delivery worldwide on orders above GBP50 only. Their clothes are genuine and of high quality, if that's what you are looking for.

How are some websites able to offer free worldwide shipping?

Though Zappos is owned by Amazon, the online shoe store still offers the it became known for. According to its website, Zappos provides ‘fast, free shipping on every order with no order minimums.’

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But no worries, because plenty of stores/websites are offering free shipping before Christmas. Clearly, they know the best way to spread Christmas cheer.Free Shipping Day aside, here's a sampling of retailers and how you can qualify for free shipping on their websites, based on information provided by the companies on or before Tuesday.