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In 2014, when on-time arrivals seemed to bottom out at 67.6%, Southwest’s baggage handlers blamed delays on an airline that was
Whatever role the “Bags Fly Free” policy might play in these problems, the airline’s CEO has repeatedly defended it.

However I didn’t expect to see free checked bags from the Gold card called out here.

This table gives the free baggage limits for a standard economy passenger on these airlines. Note that for trans-pacific routes, the standard baggage allowance for most airlines increases from 20kg to 32kg, and may include two checked bags. Approach the table below with some care, realizing that airlines may change allowances or fees charged unpredictably.

Southwest Airlines will keep its 'bags fly free' policy - LA Times

What if you prefer ordered 2 books from Amazon? How do you get the free bags? I would need 2 If you forget to bring your own bags and don’t want to be juggle your cereal, toilet paper, paper towels and toothpaste freestyle to your car, you can request a bag made of recycled paper or a reusable checkout bag. These bags also come with acharge of at least five cents per bag. (The store keeps that fee).

Your first two bags fly free on Southwest Airlines

"Our customers tell us they enjoy our transparent and fair pricing and we consider 'Bags Fly Free' a cornerstone of the Southwest hospitality we offer customers each day," Steve Hozdulick, Southwest's managing director of operational performance, told the Dallas Morning News. "We don't view checked bags as a significant detractor from our overall on-time performance when weighed against the baggage convenience we offer our customers."

H-E-B to give away free bags on Earth Day - Midland Reporter-Telegram

Although every other major carrier in the industry now charges bag fees, Southwest Airlines Chief Executive says it makes financial sense for his airline to retain its "bags fly free" policy.No, our fares are already very low, and we are unable to offer additional discounts. However, in appreciation for their service to our country, we do provide two free checked bags, and one free carry-on to active duty U.S. military, who present their U.S. military ID at the check in counter.For active duty military traveling on Spirit, we will provide two free checked bags and a free carry-on, in addition to the already free personal item. The U.S. military member should arrive early enough to have their bags checked at the counter, and present their U.S. military ID. As much as we would like to extend this policy to your family and loved ones, it only applies to the active military member.As you’d expect, the ultra-budget carriers— —charge the highest fees for checked bags. And while you’re allowed a small personal item for free, like a purse or laptop, you’ll also be charged for a carry-on. In other words, it’s nearly impossible to fly on these airlines without paying extra.