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Nielsen’s information shows that in-home food products were not the only areas of spending impacted by rising food prices. Areas where all respondents would change their spending include dining out (64%), buying new clothes (55%), spending on snack food (45%), paying for recreation and entertainment (44%) and traveling for vacation (39%).

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19 March 2009 – A new online database of staple food prices on national markets in 55 developing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe shows that local prices have not fallen the way they have at the global level, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today.

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Thrive Market offers healthy food at competitive prices online | The possible tie-up between Whole Foods and Amazon could vastly expand the types of grocery products consumers can buy from the online giant, with significant implications for its highly valued Amazon Prime customers, said Tom Caporaso, chief executive of Clarus Commerce, an online commerce firm.

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Buying everything from healthy teething cookies to baby formula can be expensive and time-consuming. Surprisingly, the category of baby food and supplies is one that online retailers—including Amazon—often sell at cost to entice busy parents to become loyal customers, says IRI’s Gagliardi.

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Talk about bad timing — this BMO Capital Markets study touting Costco’s lower online pricing versus Amazon was quickly overshadowed by the announcement last Friday. Still, the study makes some valid points about Costco’s business model, which has and will continue to serve the retailer well. Keeping a lid on prices — and offering a compelling, differentiated merchandise mix by emphasizing its Kirkland Signature brand and treasure-hunt type product exclusives — will remain a key way to compete with Amazon moving forward. These features are even more important now that the online retail giant is buying Whole Foods. But in order to outpace its rivals, .But don’t expect Costco to be the only retailer upended by the pending Amazon/Whole Foods deal. Reverberations will be felt across the grocery sector as Walmart, Kroger and others feel Amazon breathing down their necks. According to Fassler’s note, “With the Whole Foods acquisition, Amazon is likely capable of offering superior pricing and delivery competency versus incumbents.” The next several months and years promise to be an interesting time for an old industry and many of its long-established players.In lieu of online investment, Costco has intentionally focused on building its physical warehouse club business by offering low-price consumables in bulk along with unique, one-of-a-kind offers, predominantly in non-foods general merchandise. The club retailer sustains an extremely loyal base of 48 million member households representing 87 million Costco cardholders worldwide who pay an annual fee to shop its stores.During times of rising food prices, 41 percent of global consumers surveyed said they would purchase only sale-priced items. Thirty-two percent of respondents said they would look for deals online, and 29 percent said they would purchase larger pack sizes. Other saving strategies varied, based on regionally-motivated shopping patterns. For example, transportation and storage/refrigeration space was not an issue for 50 percent of North American respondents that would stock up while items were on sale, compared with 34 percent of Asia-Pacific respondents.