Raising rabbits is simple and economical

Being alert to potential weight loss can help prevent serious problems. If a rabbit refuses food for an extended period of time, such as twenty-four hours, caregivers should be concerned because rabbits cannot fast, not even when ill or injured. A sudden cessation of eating or a decreased amount of feces signals a problem as well. Continued inappetence can quickly result in a life-threatening condition. Without intervention, gastrointestinal hypomotility (slowdown of transit times in the digestive system) can lead to GI stasis (shutdown). Hepatic lipidosis also becomes a threat.

This is just a quick list of what to grow or find for your rabbits natural food source-

If you are wondering what dry food would be the right fit for your young rabbit’s nutritional profile and keep their taste buds interested at the same time, then here’s the Oxbow Young Rabbit Food.

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This is just a quick list of what to grow or find for your rabbits natural food source- I am not knocking all pellets, some pellets are better than others and if you choose to use them just be informed. But there are alternatives if you are willing to learn. Most rabbits if given a choice prefer the hay and greens and will eat far fewer pellets. I have done this test myself and the feeder was always full of pellets when they had the option of a natural feed source over pellets. Where fryers are concerned, you will need to adjust your expectations slightly. Rabbits fed mainly on natural foods will grow a bit more slowly than those fed only pellets and may take a couple of weeks longer to reach butchering weight. But your overall cost per pound will be less and the fryers should have more meat and less fat. I think the reason they grow more slowly is related to protein levels, which are higher in pellets than in a diet of hay, greens and grain.

Pellets are also a great food for wild rabbits

Rabbit meats is very commonly consumed all over the world and is used in making different delicious dishes which might include soups, stews, barbecue and roasting of the meat. You may find many Rabbit breeds for meat which is not only suitable for consumption of adults but also for kids. Rabbits are one of those animals or pets which can be easily raised and their maintenance and other expenses are very economical. You can build Rabbit hutch by looking at different on the internet, and the items needed are usually those which are available at home or can be purchased at a low cost rather than purchasing a commercial hutch which is comparatively expensive. The feeding of the Rabbits is not expensive either and so you can easily raise them for food or just having them as pets, however remember that not all Rabbit breeds are suitable for eating but only a few types of meat Rabbits.

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