Mar 27, 2017 - OK, so what sort of foods do ducks eat in the wild

It depends about these ducks- from what I gather from your post, these birds are full time residents of the pond, and no longer migrate. Although not domestic, they are no longer truly wild either. If they depend upon dudes feeding them to get their food, then you are doing a good act for the ducks by feeding them during the "off" season. Might not be the best thing for the pond, true, but it seems like it is polluted by duck crap anyway.

Wild ducks eat a wide range of different foods and they are constantly foraging for meals and snacks. Foods ducks regularly eat include:

Chop up any food given to the wild ducks to make it easy for the ducks to eat. They will digest the food more easily if the it is given in small pieces. Foods such as bird seeds and split peas are already small enough to give the ducks.

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Apr 27, 2006 - We find that pearl barley is a good wholesome food for our wild ducks Sometimes baby birds just die. Stress is a big factor for birds. Stress can very quickly kill them. Even as an experienced owner of parrots, mostly the lovely GCC, i understand that sometimes, they just die. We seperate new birds for forty days, or more, plus vet check before we will let them near our other birds. Birds are also amazing at hiding illness. Most people do not know a bird is sick until it is to late. If my parrots were sick, the only clue i may have is that they may act a bit off. There are very small clues, such as being puffed up, or sitting on the ground of their homes (i understand ducklings are always on the ground, so that cant be used as a tool). Though if you, or someone else were to come into the home and meet them, most likely you wouldnt be able to know the animal is ill or stressed. You really, REALLY have to know the individual to know how they act to tell if they are sick. We feed our parrots cooked rice all the time. Ive never given them raw rice. I will state that up front. They do both enjoy bread as a treat. Unfortunitly, most likely, the baby duck died from stress or an illness you couldnt see, or even shock, instead of food. Rice is deffenitly a food ducks would eat in the wild, and they dont have owners to cook it for them, and they do eat bread all the time in the wild. If bread was a duck killer, little kids wouldnt be taken to the park to throw bread at the ducklings because there would be dead ducks and geese lining the shore.

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We have 3.5 week old mallard ducks in our backyard. 8+mom. They have taken over our pool unfortunately but there just isn’t enough food for them in our backyard. We’ve been feeding them but they are very picky. Is this possible? They are wild ducks!

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