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Royal Canin's Dachshund Puppy Dry Dog Food is designed exclusively for pure breed Dachshunds from 8 weeks to 10 months old.

We have a 7 month mini dachshund male. Currently we are feeding him 1/2 Wellness Core Puppy dry food and half BARF. Would you recommend we just feed him dry food or a mixture of wet and dry? . Is dry food really completely nutritious for them?

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The sales clerk at PetSmart recommended Royal Canin Dry Puppy food for Dachshunds We just adopted a 7 week old mini dachshund puppy. She is our second mini dachshund. We lost our 13 year old mini doxie this past December to pancreatitis. We were heartbroken and finally decided we were ready to love another. So we are a little nervous and maybe a little overprotective right now. The breeder sent her home with a bag of Purina Dry Puppy Chow and a can of Retriever brand canned puppy food. We knew we wanted to switch her to a higher quality dry puppy food. The sales clerk at PetSmart recommended Royal Canin Dry Puppy food for Dachshunds. I see on here it is only rated 3 stars. She is still so tiny and only eating a very little amount at a time. We are transitioning her from the Purina to the Royal Canin by mixing a little of the new with the old, a little more each feeding. She is not drinking water yet out of a bowl so we are soaking her dry food in water to soften it and to get water in her. I just want to feed her the best we can. Should I switch to a 5 star rated food and should we stick with the a breed specific food? She is the runt of the litter and a still a little wobbly on her feet. The breeder said to keep food available to her at all times right now which we are doing. We try to get her to eat every time she wakes up from a nap and she does most of the time eat a little each time. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.

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Young Dachshunds and puppies than the adults. A young Dachshund will require 1000 calories a day, which is slightly more than an adult one. Keep in mind that a growing puppy requires more food anyway, regardless of its breed. You need to make sure that you provide your dog with food which contains high-quality proteins. The AAFCO recommends at least 18 percent protein intake for adult Dachshunds and 22 percent intake for puppies that are still in the growing phase.

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