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Choose from US Medical Supplies' wide selection of single fold suitcase ramps for mobility on the go! These foldable ramps are designed to be compact, lightweight, and portable, allowing you to carry them along with you on trips or move them from place to place in your home to make it over low height obstructions in your or ! We currently offer top quality single fold ramps from AmeriGlide and Harmar. Did we mention that all of our single fold ramps and suitcase ramps ship free of charge? Best of all, every suitcase ramp we carry is backed by our !

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The unique design on these tri fold wheelchair ramps allows them to easily split into two pieces to make them easier and lighter to move. Each side has its own carrying handle so the portable EZ Access ramps can be carried and setup one half at a time. They are easily portable and provide a strong, solid driving surface that is compatible with virtually all standard wheelchairs , scooters or walkers. This folding wheelchair ramp supports up to 800 lbs., are 29.75 inches wide and come in 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10 foot lengths. Buy a Quality American Made portable tri fold ramp instead of flimsy imitations.

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The Handi-Ramp® Van Ramps are manufactured from either aluminum or expanded metal. Both have their advantages: the aluminum requires less lifting effort and has the best non-skid surface available. The expanded metal van ramp is less expensive and provides better visibility for the driver and passengers when folded up in the van.

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RV Ramp set-up video was produced by Harold Ware with Mobilite Reduite in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Lightweight Foldable Carbon Fiber Ramp.

Solvit also makes another great option for a dog . The UltraLite Bi-fold model 62321 only weighs 10 pounds making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry. However, this ramp holds up to 200 pounds making it perfect for dogs of all sizes. Reaching heights of up to 24 inches, this ramp is great to use for things such as getting a pet in or out of a vehicle. This ramp is made from hard, tough plastic so it is very durable. The ramp comes with a safety latch to ensure that it does not open during transport. The ramp's surface is made of material that is high traction to ensure the dog is safe.For full accessibility, these portable ramps fold up like a suitcase, have attached handles, and are easily relocated if needed. Full aluminum construction means these lightweight ramps can be transported easily by one person.

Non-Power Folding Van Ramps
The perfect van access solution for those looking for an economical option for wheelchair or scooter access. The non-powered folding ramp is easily folded out of the van door to the ground. Nothing to fail! Fold the ramp up and store inside van door. Evaluation is required to assure compatibility.

The foldout is the most common type of conversion being used today. Foldout ramps can be either manually operated or powered depending on the design. A foldout ramp rests upright along the inside of the closed sliding door when not in use. Foldout ramps cab easily be deployed over a curb or onto a sidewalk.