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I can still remember the smell of dog food and peanut butter mixing and melting beneath Kentucky’s July sun. My vertebrate zoology class was preparing to trap the Southern flying squirrel and my group received a special assignment: “make raccoon bait.” So, while my other classmates assembled cages and rolled up squirrel-sized peanut butter and oat balls, I tucked my nose under my shirt and stirred our thick concoction with a broken branch.

Flying Squirrel Cage | We also do sell these cages and dimensions can be altered.

Our flying squirrel cages are made of 14 gauge galvanized wire and have a .5” x 1”, 1.3 cm x 2.5 cm spacing. Flying squirrels are chewers and therefore should only be housed in galvanized wire, not PVC-coated. Most products unless stated otherwise require some assembly.

3/8" bar spacing is perfect for flyers and chipmunks

Flying Squirrel Cage | We also do sell these cages and dimensions can be altered. Exercise wheels are an important accessory for small animals like hamsters, mice, sugar gliders, rats, flying squirrels, and hedgehogs. Martin's Cages understands this need, and we are proud to offer more than just a typical wheel - we offer the Wodent Wheel!

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Sugar gliders are nocturnal possums that resemble flying squirrels in their movement. They are known for their ability to glide through the air. Sugar gliders are named thus, because of their preference for sugary foods. Known for their highly acrobatic skills, these sugar gliders are seen as common pets in some parts of the world. They have a gliding membrane that stretches from their forelegs to hind legs. This membrane is called patagium, and it helps the sugar glider to keep them safe or to hunt for their food. When you have a sugar glider as a pet, you should also invest in a good sugar glider cage set up as well. These animals are quite active, and they love to climb and jump. Hence, you should choose cage that are of the right size and filled with the right accessories. This article will give you a basic idea about the types of cages you should choose for your sugar glider pets.

Our rehabber-approved cage is extra-large but with narrow bar spacing