Halloween Costume: Bouquet of flowers

Dress up your little one as your favorite flower this Halloween! Our baby costume ideas will keep your kids cute and comfortable. Click in for the pattern and full instructions.

Flower Bouquet Costume for Girls - also search for other flower costumes on this website

One thing to note is that these costumes are “destructible”. To be specific, it is actually the flower petals that are breakable. The petals scatter when hit by a Critical Burst or Power Blow. The destructible feature is not available for PC.

make a flower costume out of posterboard (got parades on my mind)

Easy DIY Halloween Costume: Flower With Big Petals | DIY Home Decor and Decorating Ideas | DIY Buy a flower dog costume with your bee costume for a clever and cute halloween costume pairing with your pet. You will have great fun with your dog as a bee and flower for your costume idea.

Lily pad costume for baby or any flower for that matter...

Today when I was in the Dollar Store, knowing that I had no costume for Princess Newbie, a great idea hit me. I made her a costume ala’ Anne Geddes. She is the flower pot girl. It’s so adorable and she likes it! The best part is that it cost $6 and took 10 minutes to make it! 10 minutes!!! $6!!!! My husband probably didn’t think it was possible for me to get any cheaper but it was!

flower costume- Only bigger to make a skirt

Spring and summer parties will have you rocking like never before in these blossomy set of costumes. You can’t help but enjoy your floral camouflage. Beware of the villanous characters who will be dying to pluck off your petals.If you’re looking for a totally cute costume for your child that you can make yourself, consider creating a flower costume. The great thing about flower costumes is that because there are so many types of flowers, there’s a ton of variety in what your costume can look like. Flower costumes can be any color or style, and there’s a DIY trick out there for every skill level. If you’re ready to turn your child into your favorite blossom, here are some ideas to get you started:Be the centre of attraction in festive carnivals and parades with these mind-blowing costumes. Manifest the flower that you already are, with these artful pieces.Keep It Simple
Not everyone is up for making a costume from scratch. If you’d prefer to keep things simple that’s totally fine! For a super quick, super easy costume, dress your child in all green so their body is the “stem” of the flower. You can add the flower itself a few different ways: You can use face paint to draw petals on on his or her face, or have or her wear a big, flowery headband. A variation on this costume that requires a little more work (but is still pretty basic) is to use white clothes, and glue or sew felt in the shape of a stem with leaves on the shirt.