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Flexi Giant Soft Grip Extra Strong Retractable Leash - Black is a retractable dog lead designed to easily control the biggest dogs and make walking an enjoyable experience for you and your pet! Help eliminate pulling and tugging with this durable dog lead!

Flexi Flexi Giant Belt Retractable Leash - Red: Extra Large - 26' - For Dogs 110+ lbs #GIANT XL RD - Retractable Dog Leads

…force of larger dogs. The lead includes a 17" safety collar and a metal swivel clip for attachment to your dog's collar. A full 26 ft extension gives your larger dog more freedom than our smaller leads. Enjoy safe walks with less pulling and tugging using the Flexi Giant. For dogs up to 110…

This is my second 10 meter flexi

The Flexi Giant Retractable Dog Lead offers your stronger, lively dog extra freedom on the leash The flexi Giant XL dog lead is a strong, compact retractable dog lead, especially for large dogs. The flexi Dog Lead is perfect for those time when you need to keep your dog on the lead, but still want your pet to be able to move freely. The flexi Giant XL retractable dog lead rolls smoothly in and out of the casing, so your dog can move independently from you, giving your pet maximum freedom on a lead. The stop lock engages with a simple push of the thumb, making it easy to control your dog. flexi Giant XL at a glance: 8m retractable tape-style dog lead For dogs weighing up to max. 75kg For particularly large and strong dogs Robust Soft Grip Chrome-plated catch Weight: approx. 860g Comes with a safety loop

flexi makes a great retractable dog lead.

Retractable leads are generally only reserved for smaller dogs, but Flexi Giant is made for the large breeds. The durable design is one of the only designed specifically for large and extra large breeds, making it a must if you want to give your lovable giant some freedom.

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Part of a fantastic brand new range of ‘ Flexi’ leads, the Flexi ‘Giant’ style extendable lead is a product of dependable strength and quality. The sleek and smart design also makes it as attractive as it is durable, allowing you and your dog to take those daily strolls safely and stylishly!Walk your big guy in safety and comfort with the Flexi Giant Retractable Tape Dog Leash. Designed specifically for very strong and very large breeds, the heavy-duty 0.75-inch all-tape lead helps you stay in control of even the biggest best friend. Flexi leashes run smoothly in and out so that your dog can run freely. The inner spring mechanism keeps the tape under slight tension and with the help of the integrated braking system it is possible to direct the dog. The patented Flexi one-hand braking and recoil system is easy to operate. It also guarantees the greatest comfort of use with its ergonomically positioned braking button and constant lock lever.This NEW Flexi Giant Retractable Belt Leash for Large and Strong Dogs is the ultimate all-belt leash for strong and large dogs. This specialty all-belt retractable is a very strong leash. The Flexi New Giant is 26'in length and great for larger dogs or giving any dog some room to run while still on lead.