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According to the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, if you treat your pets with systemic oral or spot treatments, you shouldn’t have to control fleas in your yard. These topical treatment products are available over the counter at pet stores or by a veterinarian’s prescription. No matter which treatment you choose, read and follow the warnings and directions on the label.

Note: Flea Treatment for Yard and outdoor areas Cannot be shipped to: NY, AK, CT.

No one likes fleas in the house. Even dogs and cats prefer to leave fleas in the yard, but they need your help. That’s why NEW-TEC offers flea treatments for the house and yard.

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Note: Flea Treatment for Yard and outdoor areas Cannot be shipped to: NY, AK, CT. Our flea and tick insect treatment works immediately. There’s no watering necessary. It starts killing bugs on contact so your yard will be bug free and ready to enjoy as soon as we’re finished. Many people call us for an insect control treatment before hosting outdoor barbecues and parties. That way, their guests can sit outside without being eaten alive. It’s a great way to take back the outdoors when insects start causing problems.

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Pests like fleas and ticks can cause serious discomfort and health issues for your purring pet. Flea bites can cause severe itching and scratching that leads to hair loss. Some cats have allergies to flea and tick bites, which causes uncomfortable skin reactions. Ridding your yard of fleas can be extremely challenging, especially when you’re not sure where to start. Fleas can endure and breed in the outdoors, as well as in your home. If your cat loves lounging in your yard, it might be necessary to purchase flea spray for yard and outdoor areas. To determine if you need flea treatment for yard and outdoor areas walk around your property wearing high socks to protect your skin and to spot fleas. Target areas your cat loves to play in, and walk through with your white socks. If fleas are present you will see them on your socks. Fleas like cool, shady, moist places to live and breed in. They especially enjoy shrubs, leaves and trees, and don’t fare well in open grass areas, or areas with a lot of sunlight. If your yard needs tending to, this is the time to do it. Cut the grass, pull weeds, and clear out brush where pests can hide. Next, use your flea spray for yard to eliminate cat fleas. Chewy carries the best flea spray for home and yard pest prevention. Top flea and tick home spray brands on Chewy include Vet’s Best, TropiClean and Virbac. Shop Chewy now for all your pet pest control needs.

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