Spray the yard with insecticides

While proper application and timing of chemical treatments are effective against fleas, some simple practices will help eliminate the pests. Flea larvae require moist, shady conditions for survival. Trim branches and foliage away from known flea areas to allow more sunlight. Flea larvae will quickly desiccate under sunny conditions. Frequent watering of the yard also helps eliminate larvae. Since the larvae feed on feces from adult fleas, washing the droppings away eliminates their food source.

It's time to get rid of the lawn pests. Use Pure Green for your flea, tick and mosquito yard treatments.

As with any pest control maintenance schedule, how often you apply Yard + Garden will depend on your local pest pressure & critter population. Critters like raccoons & squirrels are known carriers of parasites. Insects like fleas, ticks, & mosquitoes thrive in moist, warm, shady areas. In general, a 30-45 day routine treatment or application after heavy rain is the best practice and usually the cheapest solution for pest management. Stronger mixtures enhance results, but you may find that you can use a weaker dilution as you do ongoing prevention.

Use nematodes to get rid of fleas

Anybody know of a flea treatment for the yard that would be safe for my free range poultry? We are having alot of wet weather too which makes. At Mosquito Squad of Raleigh-Cary, we use a combination of treatment techniques to eliminate flea and tick populations from your yard. It all starts with a thorough barrier spray that kills adult ticks and fleas in your yard. This spray acts as a shield, preventing other pests from entering your yard for the next 21 days (depending on weather conditions and terrain).

Use cedar chips to keep the fleas out of your yard

Our flea and tick insect treatment works immediately. There’s no watering necessary. It starts killing bugs on contact so your yard will be bug free and ready to enjoy as soon as we’re finished. Many people call us for an insect control treatment before hosting outdoor barbecues and parties. That way, their guests can sit outside without being eaten alive. It’s a great way to take back the outdoors when insects start causing problems.

How To Kill, Control & Prevent Fleas in Your Lawn - Ortho (Duplicate)

To control a serious flea infestation, repeat your outdoor flea treatment every 2-3 weeks for at least 6 weeks. Once the fleas are under control, maintenance treatments should be performed every 4-6 weeks thereafter. At the same time you're treating your home and yard, use on your pet.Eradicating fleas and ticks is an indoor and outdoor project. If you have an infestation in your yard, chances are good you have them inside, too. A flea and tick comb is a completely non-toxic, manual method for removing adults, eggs and larvae from your pet. Follow up with a sulfur shampoo treatment to kill any remaining organisms, but be sure to thoroughly rinse your pet to prevent any skin irritation from the sulfur.Fleas and ticks are common pests that infest pets and spread diseases like the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and Lyme disease. While fleas don't typically live on humans, they do bite. Ticks will feed happily on humans and are often tracked inside on the fur of a pet only to embed themselves in the pet's human owners. Sulfur is a safe and effective treatment for both fleas and ticks in the yard and presents a non-toxic option for eradicating these pests.Start by cleaning the yard, making it easier to get to those difficult areas and ensuring that no fleas get away from you. Mow the lawn and remove organic debris. The fleas are often attracted to places near debris, like composting areas or piles of grass cuttings or leaves. Bagging and raking these areas disturb the fleas natural habitat, making it difficult for them to breed and easy for your flea treatment products to penetrate and . Move pet toys and all other objects lying around in the yard. They make excellent hiding spots for the fleas, and unless you want your newfound friends to stick around, get rid of the clutter once and for all.