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You can bring fleas into your home on your clothing, and any people or animals that come into your home can also bring fleas with them. Once fleas find a host, they begin to feed almost immediately. They lay large numbers of eggs, which eventually mature into new fleas that continue the infestation. Adult fleas may remain on an animal, but the eggs and larvae fall off the animal and remain in the environment. Flea larvae are mobile, and they can hide in places such as carpeting, bedding, furniture, and baseboards. Once they mature, they take the first opportunity to jump onto an animal or person and begin to feed, continuing their life cycle.

. Flea carcasses were few and far in between, and fleas continued to persist in my home.

If you have a flea infestation in your home, getting rid of them can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s best to contact a to establish a treatment schedule for both inside and outside the home. Your pet will need to be removed from the house during and for a specified length of time afterwards. You can also help to get rid of fleas and prevent a future infestation by vacuuming regularly and removing old pet bedding, blankets, toys, and any other items regularly used by your pet.

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If you feel that you have a problem with fleas around your home or property then you should  and prevention experts at Ehrlich Pest Control. I have volunteered with a cat rescue group for five years and I can safely say an effective way I have gotten rid of fleas was boiling fresh lavender buds in water let it steep overnight and bathing cats, afterward we also will use dawn dish soap to smother the fleas, johnson and johnson baby shampoo can help especially tear free. Planting lavender in your yard or kept potted can also deter them as well as spraying furniture and bedding with the distilled water lavender buds. For anyone who has a cat with high anxiety your best bet is to ask a vet if they can reccomend something to help relieve stress and anxiety , for anyone who would like over the counter check out Bachs Rescue Remedy it helps alot with my dog and cats it is also holistic and a liquid that can be added to your pets water with a dropper. For a house infestation your better off getting rid of possessions , have your pets taken out of the house and bathed in something like a garage or a groomers, then having a exterimator come spray your home with pet safe solutions. The biggest thing to remember are ways your cat or dog can get fleas, either from going outside which with wild animals around they are constant flea carriers and can be transferred anywhere the flea goes, other pets walked in your area can transfer fleas to the grass length doesnt matter but they can be transferred that way. If an animal has fleas the eggs and larvae can be transferred through their feces. Also People can transfer them from simple day to day life going outside and any public transportation, or being around friends or family who dont know they have fleas. The most important rule I live by checking pets and fosters constantly with a flea comb if you see 1 flea bathe your cat or dog immediately, once the flea tries to come off the fur grab it and pinch it onto clear tape, or use a flea comb and once said flea is caught dip the comb in a bowl of bleach to kill it wipe it off wash the comb and continue inspecting your pets. Some key areas a flea will hide is the fur around the face, front and hind quarter arm pits, the genitalia and anus. If you have a long haired pet shaving their fur will help alot with not only finding fleas but it will allow constant monitoring while treating them.

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Fleas will start to die within 24 hours of the flea drop application. Please note that you may continue to see adult fleas if the animal wanders into an infested part of your yard or home. The adult fleas will be killed after ingesting the spot-on product on the animal. Most spot-on treatments should be re-applied every 4-6 weeks to maintain control.

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