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Even though most people think of Cokin as a “square and rectangular” filter company, they now also produce a series of fine, . Ranging in size from 25-86mm, these signature filters cover a broad spectrum of uses—from to , , , and .

Which size camera filter (or lens cap or conversion lens) is needed for my camera?

Ever wish you could show your Shopify customers a filtering option on your home or collection page so they can see available sizes without having to click through to the individual product page? Well, I did.

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Adjust the size (width and height) and orientation of the  added. Select a filter, and: Hi Pat -

Any of the berkey water filter systems using the black berkey filters will be effective at removing aluminum up to 95% as well as purifying out bacteria that may have collected on the roof and washed into the system. You just need to decide what size of a system you would like in your house. For only 2 people, you could choose a Travel Berkey, Berkey Light, Big Berkey, or even a Royal Berkey if you'd like some extra capacity storage.


How do I find the right size of filters for a lens

The golden rule for choosing a size is that bigger is usually better if you have the room in your home (kitchen counter, table, plant stand) or storage space. Put simply, the larger the system, the less often you need to refill it, which ultimately translates into convenience. In addition, the higher water volume in the upper chamber increases the pressure that is placed on the filters helping to push water through the filters faster while still maintaining the same high quality filtration results.

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i) Look at the filter you are using now. The size is usually printed on the filter frame and will be something like 16 x 25 x 1 or 14 x 14 x 1. These dimensions refer to the nominal size of the filter. Nominal dimensions are not the actual dimensions of the filter. More on that below.For example, If there is a circle with a slash through it followed by the number 37, then the size of your filter thread is 37mm. In this case, you can use any 37mm , , or .Most camera models print the filter diameter on the lens right where the lens cap attaches. It's usually indicated by a circle with a slash through it followed by the size in mm.ii) Can't find the model number? Pull out the filter that you are currently using and look for the manufacturer's name and part number. You can use the air cleaner reference page to verify the air cleaner manufacturer name and replacement air filter size.